From wines, spirits and vinegars the Italian GDP earns 21.5 billion per year

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The Italian wine supply chain, from field to glass, includes 38 thousand companies and guarantees the country 21.5 billion euros in direct turnover, of which 10 billion comes from exports. The sector’s accounts are contained in the supply chain study for wines, spirits and vinegars carried out by Nomisma on behalf of Federvini. From an employment point of view, there are 81 thousand workers employed directly by manufacturing companies.

Every euro of added value directly generated by companies in the sector, we read in the study, creates 4.2 euros in the entire national economy thanks to the indirect and induced impacts on other Made in Italy supply chains, from logistics to retail trade, from catering to the real estate sector. «The supply chains we represent take on a strategic importance for the Italian economic system – said the president of Federvini, Micaela Pallini – but our companies are still very exposed to uncertainties of a geopolitical, regulatory, commercial and inflationary nature».

«We are aware that there are numerous fronts in which your producers are engaged – recalled the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, in a message sent at the presentation of the report – the 2023 harvest represents one of the poorest since the second After the war, the downy mildew fungus undermines production, stocks are high, while there is a new war in Israel after the one in Ukraine. The crisis involves all major producing countries due to the global climate crisis and the new international trade and economic balances.” The Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, instead promises the sector his support on international markets: «The promotion and protection of Italian excellence abroad is a priority of the government», he recalled.

In terms of exports, the Italian wine, spirits and vinegar sectors are worth 19% of all Italian agri-food exports. They contribute a positive net balance of 8.4 billion euros to the agri-food trade balance, the highest contribution among all the Italian food & beverage sectors. Our country is today the world’s leading exporter of vinegars by value, with a share of global exports of 37%, the first for vermouths (34%) and the second for bottled still wines (22%) and liqueurs (14%). %). In the last ten years, Italy has experienced a growth in value on foreign markets of over 76%.

As for spirits, the heart of national production is concentrated in Piedmont, whose companies alone produce over a third of the sector’s national turnover (1.7 billion euros in 2022) and employ 31% of the workforce. According to the Nomisma study, over 90% of the companies interviewed have made investments in the last three years for the purchase of capital goods, for environmental sustainability, for staff training and for the research and development of new products.

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