From VAT number to employee, this is how the craftsman changes his skin

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The demographic factor

Why is the propensity to look for work as an employee increasing?

«There are several factors, starting with the demographic one: the world of artisan businesses, in line with the country’s trend, is progressively ageing. Between 2010 and 2020, the group of artisan entrepreneurs over 60 years of age grew by approximately 8% and the number of young entrepreneurs under 35 years of age decreased by over 7 percentage points”, they explain to the research office. of the association.

And then there is the growing complexity factor that discourages entrepreneurs: «Let’s take the Italian tax system, which is among the most complicated in OECD countries and forces entrepreneurs to spend 238 hours a year dealing with bureaucratic tax obligations. Finally, and this is a positive aspect, taking place in many artisan businesses, there is a change in business model more suited to increasingly complex market scenarios between inflation, increase in interest rates and planning difficulties which requires, for be addressed, important entrepreneurial and management skills. They are models that envisage a growth path and the need to enter value chains that can only be accessed if the workers have the necessary skills.”

Role change

Thus was born the increasingly evident “phenomenon” of artisan entrepreneurs – of individual businesses – who prefer to close their businesses and become employees offering their high level of experience to businesses: «We are still talking about artisan businesses, but a little more structured, which thanks to these additions of value, resolve, at least in part, the difficulty of finding qualified manpower”.

Historically, artisan companies are the privileged place to learn a trade: «Generations of young people were trained here who then, not infrequently, became entrepreneurs themselves, or were hired by industrial companies. Today these entrepreneurs prefer to make their skills available to those with a broader market.”

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