From the basement to the world, Elemaster’s winning run

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“L turning point? Perhaps at the end of the 80s, when the spaces were no longer enough and then my father bought the first warehouse, in Montevecchia, where we still have part of the prototyping today». Then, what Valentina Cogliati told, actually seemed like a phase of epochal transition. The transformation into a consolidated activity of what his father Gabriele had started as an after-work hobby: the design of electronic boards. Elemaster was born like this, at the end of the 70s, in the basement of his house in Merate. Activity started for design, then extended to the creation of prototypes, finally to actual production.

«From there we then moved to the new house in Montevecchia and my father worked in the basement, in the evenings and on weekends. But local companies continued to place new orders and at that point they needed more space and more staff.”

It actually seemed like a turning point, even if the family at the time could hardly have foreseen the subsequent explosive growth. Which led Elemaster, now based in the Lecco area of ​​Lomagna, to touch the ceiling of 100 million in revenues in 2010, the first symbolic threshold then surpassed with momentum. Since then, progress has been continuous and at increasing rates, so much so that what is now a consolidated international group has reached 400 million in sales, with prospects of double-digit progress also for the current year. Orders linked to the core business of Elemaster, one of the largest electronics manufacturing service providers in Europe, engaged in the design and production of electronic boards and devices, products made in Italy and in foreign sites which overall employ 1500 people. With clients ranging from the medical world to railway signaling; from aerospace to energy, from mobility to robotics. The second generation is now leading the group, with Valentina Cogliati in the role of president and CEO, her brother Giovanni as vice president.

«The generational transition – explains the entrepreneur – was in fact already planned but we had to accelerate it due to my father’s health problem. So, from 2020 I had to take on this new role.”

With sensational results, judging by the volumes and expansion of the business, progress that not even Covid and the supply chain crisis in electronics have stopped.

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