From Renantis the photovoltaic shared with the territory

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A photovoltaic panel system shared with the population. In Galatone, 15 thousand inhabitants in the province of Lecce, Renantis (a company based in Rome and Milan) is in fact developing a solar park giving the local community the opportunity to co-finance the project through the lending crowdfunding formula. In this case, offering annual returns of up to 7.5% to residents of the municipality and the province and, slightly lower, to those residing in the region. «We are talking about a total investment by Renantis of 6 million euros and the collection has a target of 150 thousand euros – explains Giangiacomo Altobelli, community relations manager of Renantis in Italy – which we had to raise because there were more participants than expected».

The success of the collection was not a given “because historically in Italy there is a limited openness to financial investments, often directed towards other horizons, for example, real estate” specifies Altobelli. Yet, it seems to be working and membership is increasing mainly thanks to word of mouth: in Galatone’s project alone, in just over a month, 26 investors have signed up for a total of 140 thousand euros. The closing date of the campaign is set for February 14th. And throughout Italy, around 174 people have decided to focus on Renantis’ lending crowdfunding projects for over 590 thousand euros. The company, in addition to Galatone, has successfully concluded lending crowdfunding campaigns for the agrivoltaic projects La Manganizza (Manzano, province of Udine), Terzo di Aquileia (Province of Udine) and Landolina (Scicli, province of Ragusa).

«The lending crowdfunding that we promote is a safe and reliable tool for investors, also because the financing is guaranteed by Renantis and the returns are not linked to the actual production of the plant, so there are no typical shareholder risks – explains Altobelli – furthermore, early exit from the investment is possible.”

Meanwhile, the idea also works because the involvement of local realities seems to be appreciated and limits any disputes, functioning as a sort of public debate in a financial version. And, at a later stage and with lower interest rates, the opportunity to invest is also opened to the group’s employees.

The path with lending crowdfunding continues for Renantis which already has authorizations for plants for around 400 megawatts, compared to a total installed capacity, to date, of 1,430 MW. For now in Italy this formula has been applied to photovoltaics, but it could be expanded to the company’s other specializations such as on-shore wind farms, floating marine wind projects and energy storage systems. All activities that Renantis has created and managed since 2002 in the United Kingdom, United States, Spain, France, Norway and Sweden.

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