From ready meals to gadgets, what Italians have delivered to their homes

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The delivery revolution and Italians shopping, ready meals and gadgets of all kinds. This year Glovo delivered over 24 million orders in Italy (+16% on 2022), with approximately 85 million products delivered. Partners collaborating with the platform grew by 12%. Of these, in Italy, 80% of the total is represented by small and medium-sized businesses, a segment that has grown by 14% compared to 2022. As regards ready meals, Stars and Stripes cuisine is the most popular (+12.5 %) with burgers and chips, pizzas (+25%) with over 11 million pieces and finishing with traditional Italian cuisine. Here the most requested dishes are lasagna, fusilli with pesto and spaghetti Bolognese. Oriental cuisine in its various forms achieved a 49% increase: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean and Vietnamese, which recorded a very high approval rating in 2023, especially on weekends. In fact, 50% of Asian cuisine orders are placed between Friday and Sunday. This is what “Glovo delivered 2023” reveals, which highlights a clear growth in pastry and desserts with ice cream orders increasing by 40%, dessert orders by 58% and there was a 33.5% increase in customers they have included a product from the sweets and pastries category in their orders. Graffe, crèpes and Nutella croissants are in the top 3 of the most ordered desserts.

Voila shopping and gadgets at home

Another very popular trend among Italians is that of home shopping delivered by Glovo express. In 2023, orders grew by almost 45%, with 900 thousand deliveries. The most ordered products are: milk, water, bread, tomatoes, potatoes, apples, onions, bananas, eggs and Cola. Fruit and vegetables recorded an excellent performance (+132% increase in orders compared to 2022), reinforcing the message of healthy cooking that is increasingly gaining ground. Delivery is mainly used to quickly get what is missing or what we have forgotten not to supply. In first place we find electronics with a +170% of orders which see earphones, fans, cell phone battery chargers and printer cartridges among the most purchased products. This is followed by cosmetics which recorded a notable increase in orders compared to 2022 (+1,700%) with eyeliner, foundation, false eyelashes and face masks reigning supreme; on the third step of the podium are sex shop gadgets (+79.7%) with gels and massagers among the most popular products. Although it can now be defined as evergreen, the flowers category is also growing (+41%) with roses, sunflowers, mixed bouquets and mimosas among the most requested.

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