From panettoni to donations: here is the Christmas of solidarity gifts

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In the race for Christmas gifts there is also a high economy: that of solidarity gifts. Which vary from a simple donation for a fundraiser to the purchase of goods whose proceeds are used to support scientific research activities, support for children and disadvantaged people or animals.

On the children’s side

In this race in which purchases are combined with solidarity, a good portion is occupied by those who work to provide aid to children or people living in a difficult situation. By visiting the sites and offers that arrive, you may come across the pages of Save The Children which offers water bottles, notebooks, t-shirts and other gadgets. The gold thread league, which supports the cause of deafblind children, also offers, among other things, bracelets with Swarovski. Initiatives also from Unicef ​​or the non-profit organization SOS children’s villages which works to provide support to the most vulnerable children. The Abio foundation for children in hospital is also involved.

From panettone to solidarity desserts

The activities in support of CasAmica Onlus, the volunteer organization for sick people and family members in difficulty when they have to stay away from home, even for long periods to receive the care they need from hospital facilities, focus on panettone and pandoro but also artisanal biscuits . Even the initiatives to support the Doctor Sorriso Foundation, an organization active in hospitals whose mission with professional clown therapists is to defeat the fear and sadness of children hospitalized and give them a smile, focuses on panettone, chocolates, water bottles and Christmas mugs. In Genoa, the Make-A-Wish Italia association, the non-profit organization founded in 2004 to make the wishes of children and teenagers suffering from serious pathologies come true, focuses on food-themed gifts: from sweets to tasty boxes to wines.

The dedicated site

Then there is also a site entirely dedicated to solidarity gifts. Is called and every gift found in the assortment contributes to causes of social importance. We move from Doctors Without Borders to Emergency, continuing with the Renato Piatti Foundation, Mani Tese and the Telethon Foundation.

Adopt a beehive

Even adopting a beehive can become an alternative gift with particular attention to the environment. This is the case of 3Bee which offers the possibility of adopting a hive in one of the numerous affiliated centers in Italy.

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