From Mengoni to Zucchero, New Year’s Eve in Sardinia is celebrated with the big names in the square

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The crisis is over, New Year’s Eve in Sardinia is celebrated with the big names in the square. In the island of protests and always open crises, at the end of the year the lights will be turned on on the stages where leading artists will play: from Zucchero to Mengoni continuing with Nek, Renga and Ligabue. Music and shows also with the hope of “deseasonalizing” the tourist season which has to deal with the connections with the peninsula and the increases that inevitably occur right around the holidays.

Mengoni in Cagliari

In Cagliari, the protagonist of the evening that closes 2023 and opens the doors to the new year will be Marco Mengoni, winner of the last Sanremo. The appointment will be in Piazza dei Centomila, although it seems that the intentions are to move the evening to the exhibition center where 25 thousand people can be hosted. The aim of the administrators is to bring “a singer of national and international appeal, whose name can attract the greatest number of people, citizens and tourists of all ages”.

To the south of the island

In southern Sardinia the other important event, but smaller than in Cagliari, will be in Iglesias with Fred de Palma, the Piedmontese artist who began his musical activity in 2007 and this year will be competing at the Sanremo Festival.

Northern Sardinia

The other important events are all concentrated in the north of the island where to close the year and inaugurate 2024 on stage there will be big names distributed between Olbia, Sassari, Alghero and Castelsardo.

Sugar and Salmo in Olbia

In Olbia, 2023 will be closed by two artists: Zucchero and Salmo, considered the owner of the Gallura city. In the north-eastern city, ever since the concert was announced, there has almost been a real hunt for accommodation for the end of the year. We should start with Zucchero and then continue with Salmo in an event capable of attracting tourists both from the rest of the island and from the peninsula, also thanks to the presence of the nearby airport.

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