From Intesa Sanpaolo the advance of the CIG to the 295 former Whirlpool workers of Naples

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A further step forward for the realization of the TeaTek group’s intervention aimed at the reindustrialization of the former Whirlpool industrial site in Naples. The workers, fired at the time by the American multinational, were hired at the end of October by the Campania group headed by Felice Granisso and entered the redundancy fund on 7 November and will remain there for the entire period necessary to make the investment. A financial instrument has been prepared for them which will allow them to obtain the sums of the Redundancy Fund, thanks to the support of Intesa Sanpaolo.

Advance payment of 874 euros per month without bank costs

The initiative was announced during a meeting held at the industrial site in via Argine. In summary, the activated procedure provides for INPS to pay the monthly amount to each worker directly. But it is common practice for this process to take a few months. Workers would therefore be left without monthly income, just before Christmas. Thus, with the intervention of Intesa Sanpaolo it was possible to guarantee to anyone who requests it a bank advance of 874 euros for each employee who requests it. Without having to incur bank costs (paid by Italian Gree Factory) and with a very streamlined procedure. This is an innovative tool, which partly recalls the advances that were secured during the Covid period.

Nargi (Dr Intesa Sanpaolo): «Sustainable project in SEZ»

«The collaboration with TeaTek is part of our Group’s support for new investments in the unique SEZ of the South, with an industrial project strongly oriented towards ESG criteria capable of creating added value for local supply chains and generating sustainable development for the entire territory . The innovative path started with TeaTek – said Giuseppe Nargi, regional director of Campania, Calabria and Sicily of Intesa Sanpaolo – will be able to guarantee a significant boost to the manufacturing sector of Southern Italy in the long term and support the needs of workers in the short term». «We are honored by the support of the first Italian banking group, among the largest in Europe, which believed in the start of a new season for the industry in Naples and the South», added Felice Granisso, CEO of the TeaTek group. «We had reported the difficulties of workers who had been engaged in a long battle for jobs for some time – says Antonello Accurso, regional secretary of Uilm Campania – and the company found a suitable solution».

72 million investment plan

The relaunch of the former Whirlpool site in Via Argine in Naples is based on a reindustrialization project led by the newco Italian Green Factory which, according to the latest estimates, foresees a cost of 72 million euros. We are currently discussing the public contribution that could accompany the new entrepreneurial initiative. The hypothesis of a development contract to be signed with Invitalia is being studied. The next meeting in Rome is scheduled for December 19th.

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