From Bergamo to Veneto Planetel grows in the area

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Planetel grows in Veneto. The company based in Treviolo, in the province of Bergamo, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2020, in the EGM segment, has eight offices in Italy: in addition to the headquarters, Lecco, Brescia, Lonato, Verona, Monza, Padua and Naples and five data centers .

In three years it has completed as many acquisitions among the main players in the sector: in addition to Direte and Net-Admin, last June it purchased 100% of the share capital of Trivenet, a company present mainly in the provinces of Padua, Vicenza and Treviso, to bring the broadband in areas of the North East still behind on the national roadmap.

Trivenet mainly serves business category customers in the region, through a radio connectivity network, which combines copper cable and fiber optic services acquired from other operators; It has its own data center and employed, as of December 31st, approximately 29 people. The integration with Planetel will lead to further development phases.

«The interest in Veneto is also directing our M&A (mergers and acquisitions) policy», explains Bruno Pianetti, president and CEO of Planetel. «The acquisition of the local company and its restructuring in the area are only the first step in a phase of development of the Planetel Group in the region. The Venetian infrastructure is very jagged, especially due to its morphological conformation and the distribution of production activities. For this reason, as a first step we wanted to maintain the 26Ghz radio frequencies used previously which allow very fast connections, investing in a proprietary fiber network with the help of wireless routes in the parts of the territory that do not allow other types of access” , he claims. «We soon plan to activate a partnership system and bring new human resources with important skills throughout the territory, which will be directed, through acquisition operations, to the creation of a new ultra-fast fiber optic network in the territories», adds Pianetti.

Among the primary assets of the Bergamo company, leader of the national telecommunications group of the same name and growing also in the first half of the year (16.9 million value of production; +9% on the same period in 2022) is a proprietary fiber optic network of 2,416 kilometers for ultra-broadband connectivity in approximately 270 Municipalities (provides telecommunications and information technology services to over 49,735 customers in Lombardy, Veneto and Campania). In Veneto, through the incorporation it acquired a thousand customers and 80% coverage with radio connections, with a total of 60 municipalities served in the Veronese area (where it also operates with around twenty Planetel Points).

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