Fos (Prysmian) of Battipaglia is about to stop production, over 300 workers at risk

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In the Battipaglia Fos dispute, the possibility of stopping production is becoming increasingly concrete. In the last meeting at Mimit with the minister Adolfo Urso, the Governor of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Agcom and the trade unions (Femca, Filctem, Uiltec and Ugl chemicals) the Prysmian group – of which Fos is part – explained that he no longer wants to produce optical fiber in Italy. Too high energy costs, unfavorable global conditions in the telecommunications market, in addition to the choices of Italian operators, are among the main causes of the decision which would impact over 300 employees.

Expressions of interest

In the minutes of the meeting signed by all the parties present, it is stated that it would be important to keep the plants active at least until April 30th, therefore for another 6 weeks while waiting for developments in the interest of third parties. In recent weeks, Mimit had announced that three companies would make expressions of interest. However, the concreteness of the projects needs to be verified. The request also came from the trade unions, Femca, Filctem, Uiltec and Ugl chemicals, to keep the plants operational in order to leave open the possibility of having a new industrial entity take over.

The weight of industrial policy choices

The dispute in which the unions complain about the weight of the country’s industrial policy choices and the lack of quality investments in digital infrastructure by governments, at this point needs to be accelerated. For the unions, the specificities and high technology of our companies must be taken into account.

The framework agreement

As stated in the minutes of the meeting at Mimit, at this point it is necessary to put in place a series of tools to overcome this phase which from an employment point of view affects almost 300 workers. The agreement must keep together the production and employment continuity of the site. Among the tools to be evaluated are the extraordinary redundancy fund, a social plan for the retraining and relocation of all staff who cannot be accompanied to retirement. The next round is scheduled for March 19 at Mimit.

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