Former Ilva, here are the three new commissioners unrelated to the “mangers”

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The manger, for once, remained empty and unadorned.
The three commissioners of Steel mills of Italy their names are Giancarlo Quaranta, a long-time steel manager, Davide Tabarelli, one of Italy’s leading energy experts at the service of industry, and Giovanni Fiori, an accountant.

Outside the box

First element: the three commissioners of Acciaierie d’Italia in extraordinary administration do not belong to the plethora of Italian professionals who crowd around ministries and courts to compete, thanks to absurd rules, for positions in the management of industrial corpses which allow them to collect fees millionaires detached from the State.

Second element: the three commissioners of Acciaierie d’Italia are men of the world who have their experiences and their connections, but do not belong to the Italian clan of lawyers, accountants, company managers, labor accountants, finance specialists who owe their personal well-being to the convoluted and opaque social and economic geography of the relationships between politics, bureaucracy and lobbying which has its peak in Rome but which observes the same rules, with greater or lesser intensity than in the capital, in every part of Italy.

Forty he is a factory manager. His name has received unanimous approval, bordering on applause, from the business world and the trade unions.

Tabarelli was born in Bologna, a crossroads of culture and politics, business and enterprise. He works at Nomisma. He belongs to the Prodian world which, by its very nature, has the transversality guaranteed by the minimum literacy of decency and rationality, preventive technical competence and concrete application to problem solving. We know Tabarelli’s pragmatic and disillusioned positions on the green transition in industry and on hydrogen in the steel industry.

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