Former Ilva, a coordinated action from Piedmont with Puglia and Liguria

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It is Piedmont that extends its hand to Puglia and Liguria so that the three regions of the former Ilva factories make their voice heard united in defense of the factories, in view of the meeting at Palazzo Chigi on December 20th. A meeting in which the Piedmont Region will also participate, says president Alberto Cirio, who would like a three-way axis to support the requests of workers and the territory.

«I am in contact with my fellow presidents of Puglia and Liguria to immediately initiate coordinated action by the Regions that host the group’s factories and operate in agreement with the government to guarantee a future for this asset which is strategic at a national level and for the Piedmont where it involves around 3 thousand workers, also considering related industries” explains Cirio. To prepare for the Roman meeting and set priorities, a summit will be held in Turin this morning with the councilor for Labor Elena Chiorino, for agriculture Marco Protopapa and for culture Vittoria Poggio, together with administrators and trade unions on the future of the Piedmontese factories in Novi Ligure , Racconigi and Gattinara. After Taranto and Liguria, Piedmont is the third Italian area for the presence of Acciaierie d’Italia with the factories in Novi Ligure, with 560 employees, Racconigi, 97 employees, and Gattinara where 74 employees work. In addition to related companies. All plants whose fate is linked to the rest of the group, between Puglia and Liguria.

«The situation is complex and we are perfectly aware of the drama that workers are experiencing. The support measures that can be activated are there and ready, but the industrial relaunch strategy needs to be defined, which is difficult to identify today as the situation is “in progress” in Taranto. On the part of the Government, the discussions are dense and constant and Minister Urso during the hearing highlighted the Government’s belief in how the steel industry is a strategic lever for the nation to be relaunched” highlighted the councilor for Labor Elena Chiorino. “It is unthinkable to leave to consumption a strategic asset for the future of the country which guarantees work for thousands of families in our territory”, the appeal to the other regions and to the government of President Cirio. The hand is outstretched, the appointment set for next week before the Christmas period.

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