Fontina Dop Alpeggio protagonist in Milan

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Fontina Dop will be the protagonist, in its “Alpeggio” type, of the creations of the chefs involved by the Consortium for the Protection of Dop Fontina in the third edition of “FontinaMi”, scheduled from 12 to 25 February in 12 Milanese restaurants, with revised reinterpretations of the tradition, to more unusual combinations: from fondue on the “entragna” tortello (the diaphragm of the bovine, once considered offal), to the pairing with guinea fowl, from risottos to the pairing with fish. Fontina Dop Alpeggio is produced at very high altitude, in an ecosystem unique in the world. These are the 12 participating restaurants: Ciz, Coraje, Daniel Canzian, Dvca Rovello, Dvca Giardino, Il Liberty, Innocenti Evasioni, Locanda alla Scala, Mi View, Osteria Brunello, Ratanà, Testina, where the new based dish will be found on the menu. of fontina. The product will be supplied by the winners of the Modon d’Or 2023, a prestigious award awarded every year by the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta. On the website all participating restaurants are listed with address, telephone number and closing day.

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