FNA, a family company with a multinational feel

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FNA is a multinational group with an all-Italian heart that operates in the compressed air sector, successfully covering the three market segments: industrial, professional and consumer.
His is not a story like any other. It is the story of a large family, a story born from the intuition of a man. That man is Antonio Balma, who in 1948 decided to enter the world of air compressors by founding Fratelli Balma, his first small factory. This is how, in a warehouse on the outskirts of Turin, he began a long journey into the world of compressed air. In the period from ’56 to ’76, what was only an artisanal production transformed into a real industry: the plants multiplied and the ranges expanded. A growth so important that, in 1980, industry specialists in America awarded Antonio Balma the title of “father of compressed air”. In 1992 the founder handed over the helm to his son: Doctor Roberto Balma, Cavaliere del Lavoro and current President and CEO of FNA, who, with the arrival of the new millennium, found himself facing unprecedented challenges. Those that the company was going through were in fact years of important changes, due first to the internationalization of the market and then to its globalization. This is how what began as a small artisan business reached China and America. In 2021, Doctor Roberto Balma launched the company brand project that led to the birth of what everyone knows today as FNA – the large family of air compressors. This year the company celebrates its 75th anniversary. “A historic achievement that demonstrates how FNA has managed to implement a real revolution in the world of compressed air”. These are the words of Doctor Roberto Balma, whose gaze still fills with pride at the thought that, if when it all started one compressor was produced a day, in 75 years of history we have managed to manufacture and distribute more than 40 million. All this was possible thanks to customers present in 120 countries around the world and 1,300 employees who share values ​​such as attachment to work, seriousness, respect for the customer, reliability, correctness and dedication.
The large family of air compressors is already starting to write new chapters in its history, with the aim of strengthening that distinctive identity, familiar but with a multinational feel, which has always distinguished the company.

FNA, a family company with a multinational feel.


FNA dedicates great attention to environmental and sustainability issues, thus carrying forward a mission that could not be more current. An attention that is expressed in the type of resources that the company uses to power its production plants and in always offering its customers maximum energy efficiency. FNA compressors are in fact born from a skilful combination of mechanics and electronics, with the aim of providing compressed air in the exact flow rate and pressure required by the systems, thus ensuring significant energy savings.


To make a difference you don’t need to make noise. FNA he knows this well, and this is why he has always considered silence synonymous with quality of life and working conditions. Its technical designers were the first to start, more than twenty years ago, the procedures for certifying the acoustic emissions of machines operating outdoors. From that moment FNA has continued to invest in research and development, resulting in the production of compressors that are practically inaudible even from a few meters away.

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