Florence, augmented reality gives voice to the works of Santa Croce

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Visitors to the monumental complex of Santa Croce in Florence, one of the most prestigious treasure chests of sacred art and civil memories in the world, will have a new tool to explore the journey between beauty and religion. It is a 5G millimeter wave (high band) smartphone which, by framing the figure to be admired, “opens” an augmented and immersive reality made up of animations, videos and images.

There is Galileo Galilei in front of his own tomb, inside the basilica of Santa Croce, who recounts with a Tuscan accent the persecution for having embraced the Copernican theory of the planets revolving around the Sun. There are the details of the monumental tomb of Niccolò Machiavelli, always inside the church, which stand out on the screen in all their clarity.

And you can discover Dante Alighieri’s cenotaph, the city of Florence’s first official recognition of the poet who died in exile and buried in Ravenna, described in its decorative and human elements. In addition to the route that narrates the Greats of Santa Croce, you can also choose the Franciscan route, created in collaboration with the Community of Friars Minor Conventual of the basilica.

These new digital extended reality solutions were developed by Tim Enterprise and Opera di Santa Croce with the collaboration of the Qualcomm Technologies company and the support of Live Reply as software developer, and presented on 12 December in the monumental Florentine complex. The project, currently in an experimental phase, could potentially also be developed remotely, allowing you to enjoy augmented reality while staying at home. And it can be integrated with virtual reality viewers, to understand how people lived in the Middle Ages in the monumental complex or how the various areas were used.

«The works of art of Santa Croce are by definition silent – ​​said the president of the Opera, Cristina Acidini – and can only be perceived through the gaze and the intellect. This device gives them a voice, and narrating with augmented reality makes them feel even closer, participating and speaking.”

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