Fiorentini grows and relaunches snacks and peanut cream

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It had the ability to become a brand in the agri-food sector in the space of a few years. And today Fiorentini – 250 employees and two factories active in the Turin area – has become almost synonymous with one product in particular, corn triangles.

A family business in its fourth generation, Fiorentini boasts organic growth of around 10% per year and an estimated turnover of 110 million in 2023. «In reality, Fiorentini was founded more than a hundred years ago – says Simona Fiorentini Export and marketing manager – but at an industrial level our history begins in the nineties.” It starts with puffed cereal cakes and snacks, in smaller formats, always inspired by the dictates of well-being – gluten-free and non-fried products – and then arrives at the latest line dedicated to peanut cream. There are two factories, the one in Trofarello dedicated to biscuits and snacks and the one in Turin, where the creams are made. «We have recovered and renovated our historic factory that we left in 2019 and which we reopened two years ago» adds Simona Fiorentini. The company has intercepted a series of market drivers that are driving the company’s growth, even if the story was troubled at the beginning. «The corn triangles – says Fiorentini – were born as a bet with one of our foreign customers since this format did not exist». This is how the idea of ​​healthy tortillas was born, an alternative snack to the classic fried ones. At first, however, there was not much interest because, explains Simona Fiorentini, “the product was distributed on the French fries shelf, and consumers did not initially grasp its potential”. Then we worked on brand and positioning and from there the race to the market began. The company has defined a 10 million investment plan to further develop its production sites and automatic warehouse.

«My father initially marketed biscuits imported from France and had seen a growing interest in this market niche, hence the decision to take over a production company and push on volumes, doubling the production lines, starting in the nineties» retraces the stages of Simona who together with her sister … leads the company. 2024 will be the tenth year of the line of puffed cereal triangles, Fiorentini boasts a market share of 30% in the bread and biscuit substitute sector. In twenty years the company has doubled its turnover and is now pushing for product diversification with the launch of a new line of peanut cream with innovative packaging for the Italian market, which can be tasted from the sachet or spread directly on bread.

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