Fincantieri brings future masters of the sea to the classroom: 17 thousand show up for 90 places

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Skills, skills and more skills. The industrial plan of the Fincantieri group is based above all on leadership in naval engineering which first and foremost requires skills. As the CEO, Pierroberto Folgiero, explains to us, «the driving force of Fincantieri is people: our employees are the key to a future of sustainable development. To maintain our leadership in high value-added shipbuilding, we must bet particularly on the work of young people. They are the ones who will bring about the important changes for a cleaner and smarter industry.” Folgiero’s vision makes training initiatives strategic, but with a new approach, where we move from the concept of “manpower” to that of “workforce”, also to bring Italian kids closer to production, to skilled worker work , to new technologies, to the high standards of excellence that distinguish the multinational’s products. This is how the Maestri del Mare project was born, where training is even paid, even for those who have not yet been hired. With initiatives like this “we bring young people on board, enabling them to show what they can do”, says Folgiero. And there’s no shortage of applications.

The masters of the sea project

In charge of dimensional checks, but also of managing naval systems. And then naval operators, crane operators and slingers. In just a few months, the interest of over 17 thousand young people has been created around these professions. In fact, many applications have arrived for the “Masters of the Sea” project that the Fincantieri group is developing as part of District Italy, the orientation, training and job placement program launched in 2023 by the Elis Consortium, of which Fincantieri is part. The selection of the first 90 people is currently underway, through psycho-aptitude tests, telephone interviews, technical tests, group assessments and individual interviews.

How ships are born

Once the selection is finished, the kids all arrive in the classroom. Masters of the Sea is in fact a learning path of the work of those who build ships. With this project, the multinational with its headquarters in Trieste and 18 offices spread across 4 continents searches for, trains and hires shipbuilding workers, looking for them both in schools and among those who are not currently employed. Some of them are high school graduates, some are graduates. The training course is paid with one thousand euros per month and includes the acquisition of digital, automation and robotics skills that can contribute to and accelerate the digitalisation process of construction sites. A residential training model is also envisaged with a transversal program of an experiential nature for the development of organizational and relational skills. Hiring at Fincantieri can take place already during the training course, in the shipyards of Northern, Central and Southern Italy. For those arriving from regions other than that of the place of work, transfer concessions are provided, even after hiring.

The meeting between training and work

Fincantieri’s human resources director, Luciano Sale, explains that the agenda foresees that today «the first two paid training courses for dimensional control workers and naval plant operators will start: they will involve 30 resources. Four more are already planned in the coming months, to also train naval operators, crane operators and slingers”. With this first project, Sale continues, “90 people will be hired before the summer”. The CEO of Elis, Pietro Cum observes that «Maestri del Mare starts from the need for professional profiles of a large Italian company and creates opportunities for young people. We often hear about companies looking for staff and not finding them and about disheartened young people. When the world of training and work come together, we discover that a solution to the problem exists.” This is also demonstrated by the 17 thousand applications that arrived in just a few months.

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