False start for the January sales. Spending drops by 2.1%

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False start for the January sales. Sales saw a decline of 2.1% in value, a decline that affected all product areas without distinction, including catering. If consumption outside of cases last year seemed to be in clear contrast to the trend, 2024 sees a -1.7% of spending while clothing-accessories, despite the start of winter sales, closes the month with -2.4%. Things are not better for other retail, ranging from books to home accessories, which continues the negative phase with -2.1%. A consumption crisis that affects all sales channels. Proximity shops are particularly suffering (-3.5%) but purchases are also struggling in the shopping streets (-3.2%) and shopping centers are seeing a -1.5%, confirming their role as social “squares” . It is confirmation, according to the Confimprese-Jakala Consumption Observatory, of the decline in confidence of families who are unable to maintain their spending capacity over time.

«As expected, 2024 starts with the handbrake on – comments Mario Maiocchi, director of the Confimprese study center -. The 3 macro-sectors analyzed show a minus sign compared to January 2023, which is the first post-covid reference year and, as such, allows us to take the pulse of the economic climate without the distorting effects generated by the pandemic. The erosion of families’ purchasing power, generated by the very strong inflation of the last two years, has not only compressed consumption in terms of volumes, but now marks a generalized decrease also in value. We believe that in the current year the search for convenience, in terms of low prices, discounts, promotions and orientation towards more convenient price ranges/brands will be a dominant element in consumer choices and company strategies”. In other words, the world of modern commerce is looking at the coming months with caution due to the increases in prices for basic necessities. «These performances are mainly due to the clothing-accessories and other retail sectors and the impact of inflation which still negatively affects the purchasing power of Italians is reflected on all sales channels, but in particular on local shops and high street at -3.5% and -3.2% respectively vs January 2023″ remarks Alessandro Olivari, senior partner Jakala.

If sales of new products slow down, many turn to second hand, used products. According to the findings of Subito.it, a platform where around 150 thousand new adverts are published every day, transactions on the Tuttosubito portal over the last year have grown by 93% with interesting increases in all categories starting from consumer electronics and IT ranks first in terms of number of transactions. Consoles & video games follow in fourth place and collectibles (4th place) and motorcycle accessories (5th place) enter the ranking, which, together with clothing & accessories, come in second place. «We are the second Italian e-commerce and the first in re-commerce, as we prefer to define our business – says Giuseppe Pasceri, CEO of Subito -. With the aim of giving a second life and a second chance to things, promoting sustainable purchasing behavior from an environmental and economic point of view.”

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