Ex Ilva: Urso, five multinationals interested

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«There are five multinationals interested in Ilva». She stated it Adolfo Urso, the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, during the meeting with the workers and unions of Ilva in Genoa. The minister explained that “any investor who enters” will be subject to the golden power rule, “the procedure whereby the government can impose bans – in some cases – or requirements to guarantee the level of production and investments”.

«A mapping of Ilva’s plants is about to start shortly to understand the interventions to be made», said Giancarlo Quaranta, one of the commissioners appointed by the government for the rescue of Ilva, during the meeting with the workers and trade unions of Ilva of Genoa. The commissioner specified that this mapping will be used to understand which systems «need ordinary maintenance and which require extraordinary maintenance. In this context, the involvement of all workers is important.” In the Ex Ilva decree, 320 million were foreseen which must have the green light from Brussels: “these resources will be used in the best possible way to accelerate the recovery phase of the plants”.

The bridging loan node

The Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, on the sidelines of the control room on internationalization at the ministry, recalled that «yesterday in Brussels I spoke with Commissioner Breton regarding the procedures that we must carry out with the European Commission for authorize the bridge loan for the former Ilva, using the resources addressed with the decree law which will be converted by parliament in the next few days”.

«For the European authorization for the bridging loan – continued Urso – we must necessarily define (the new commissioners must do so) an industrial plan that demonstrates that the loan can be repaid in a reasonable time. And that’s what the commissioners are working on these days, on our recommendation.”

Tuesday hearing on the insolvency of the other four companies

The hearing to discuss and then decide on the request for the declaration of insolvency of the other four companies of the Acciaierie d’Italia group, namely AdI Tubiforma, AdI Energia, AdI, is scheduled for next Tuesday, March 12, before the Bankruptcy Court of Milan. Servizi Marittimi and AdI Socova, for which the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, has already signed the decree extending the extraordinary administration procedure of Acciaierie d’Italia. Last February 29, the Bankruptcy Court, chaired by Laura De Simone, declared Acciaierie d’Italia spa to be insolvent. A step that effectively allowed the extraordinary administration to begin. Now, with the declaration of insolvency also for the other four companies, on which the judges will have to express their opinion, the extraordinary administration of the group will actually be able to begin. The declaration of insolvency, among other things, could trigger an investigation in Milan with the hypothesis of bankruptcy on the management and accounts of the former Ilva. At the moment the open file has no hypothesis of crime or suspects and in the next few weeks a report from the commissioners could be delivered to the deputy Laura Pedio and the prosecutor Pasquale Addesso on the basis of which to begin conducting the first investigations.

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