Ex Ilva, no improvement: postponement after 28 December. Criticism from the unions

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No clarification and no solution for now on Acciaierie d’Italia, the former Ilva. The confrontation on the morning of December 20th at Palazzo Chigi between the unions and the Government brought nothing new. The executive has updated the union acronyms until after the Council of Ministers on 28 December. Probably the 28th itself or the next day. We await the new meeting of Acciaierie’s shareholders on 22 December to see above all what Mittal, who is the majority private shareholder, will do. That is, if Mittal makes commitments, which have not been made so far, regarding the urgent financial intervention that the now collapsing steel company urgently needs.

Government positions

Under the acronyms Fim, Fiom, Uilm, Usb and Ugl, the Government presented itself with the undersecretary to the presidency, Mantovano, and the ministers Fitto, Urso and Calderone while Giorgetti was in connection. After an initial part of the meeting, in which the Government mainly listened to the unions, there was a temporary interruption to allow the ministers to discuss with each other. Upon returning to the green room and until the conclusion, only Mantovano and Fitto were there. The confrontation would have been very heated and what is already known would have emerged, namely that Fitto and Urso do not think the same way about the Ilva dossier. It is not a conflict between ministers, but Fitto maintains that we must still insist on the path of negotiation with the multinational, while Urso is of the opinion that the State, given the impracticability of an agreement with the private partner, must enter directly into the field. Among other things, the State’s passage into the majority, at 60%, is a thesis supported by Urso for months.

The unions contest the postponement

The unions contested the Government’s postponement. «For us – declares Rocco Palombella, Uilm leader – the meeting cannot end with a further postponement. We remain at Palazzo Chigi waiting to have explanations from the ministers on the Government’s intentions regarding the future of the former Ilva”. It should be added that for the entire duration of the confrontation at Palazzo Chigi a large delegation of trade unionists from the areas hosting the former Ilva factories stood in front of the Sordi gallery amidst slogans and protests on the megaphone. Some trade unionists from Fim and Fiom challenged the PD deputies (including the former Labor Minister Andrea Orlando and the Apulian parliamentarian Ubaldo Pagano) when they approached the demonstrators, highlighting the fact that not even the centre-left governments intervened for the ‘ex Ilva.

«We remain at Palazzo Chigi – also declares Michele De Palma, general secretary of Fiom -. It is unacceptable that the Government has not yet clarified what it intends to do to guarantee the future of the Steelworks plants and workers in view of the meeting on 22 December”. «This meeting left our organization stunned – declares Sasha Colautti of the national USB -. At the table we strongly reiterated the need for immediate intervention, aimed at taking control of the company. Time is now over and we have pointed out how necessary it is for the Government to take as an element of certainty the fact that with Arcelor Mittal there is no hope of relaunching the factories and how this wait-and-see risk of completely compromising the possibility of survive the plants”.

Strike in progress

USB has a strike underway in Taranto that will end at 11pm on December 20th. There is protest over the fact that the companies associated with Aigi (Association of related industries and General Industries) have only insured the salary and not the thirteenth salary, as they are waiting for payments from Acciaierie. Acciaierie, in turn, notified 25 companies of the arrival of the transfers. These would be advance payments on accrued credits. Finally, on 20 December, the thirteenth wages were credited to the Acciaierie employees, who were paid their salaries on the normal deadline of the 12th.

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