Ex Ilva: Forty new extraordinary commissioner. Mittal: our experience ends

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«By decree of the Minister of Business and Made in Italy Adolfo UrsoAcciaierie di Italia SpA has been admitted, with immediate effect, to the procedure extraordinary administration. Dr. is appointed extraordinary commissioner. Giancarlo Quaranta, a professional with long experience in the steel sector.” Mimit made this known in a note.

«The ministerial decree – continues the Mimit note – follows the request of 18 February last, with which Invitalia, the public shareholder of AdI owner of 38% of the capital, requested the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy for the admission immediate to the extraordinary administration procedure of the company Acciaierie d’Italia SpA pursuant to article 1 of the legislative decree of 18 January 2024, n. 4. (Urgent provisions regarding the extraordinary administration of companies of a strategic nature)”.

Mittal: our experience in the Steelworks comes to an end

«Today the Italian government placed Acciaierie d’Italia SpA into extraordinary administration following Invitalia’s request, transferring control of the company from its current shareholders, ArcelorMittal and Invitalia, to commissioners appointed by the government. This concludes ArcelorMittal’s involvement in AdI, which began in 2018.” This is what Arcelor Mittal states in a note in which it highlights that «the financial situation of AdI has been further influenced by the fact that the Italian government has provided less than a third of the 2 billion in support measures offered at the time of the creation of the partnership with Invite her.”

Who is Forty

Giancarlo Quaranta, engineer, is currently the director of Ilva’s technical and operational division in extraordinary administration. He has previously held other positions within the same company.

With today’s Mimit decree, after the extraordinary administration decided for Ilva in 2015, Acciaierie d’Italia spa also goes into extraordinary administration, the company which – through a company lease – manages the former Ilva steel plants, starting from that of Taranto.

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