eVISO and Skylabs triumph at the Employer Branding Awards: here’s how Italian companies stand out in people management

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eVISO and Skylabs are the two winning companies of the Employer Branding Awards, the contest dedicated to Italian companies that stand out in their strategies for enhancing the value of their employees and collaborators. The first edition of the award, organized by Double Bridge, explored two themes of a strong social nature: how to attract and retain young talent in the company and how to guarantee Work-Life Balance. The response from SMEs was immediate: over 230 expressions of interest resulted in 96 actual applications. A sign that the theme is more central than ever. The business world, in fact, is called upon to face new socio-cultural challenges. The effect of the uncertainty generated by the pandemic is evident: today for many, work is no longer a priority and the tendency to claim the right to a dimension of time and space to dedicate to one’s private life is now clear. According to research by the HR Innovation Practice Observatory of the Polytechnic University of Milan, in 2023 in Italy almost half of the workers, 46%, changed jobs or were planning to do so. A percentage that reaches 77% for those under 27. It is the symptom of a malaise that is confirmed by another piece of data: only 7% of workers declare they are “happy”. Finding the right key to giving value to people in the company therefore becomes a priority aspect.

eVISO, a company from Saluzzo (Cuneo) listed on Euronext Growth Milan and active in the sector of artificial intelligence applied to raw materials, has chosen to invest in young people. The results today are tangible: the average age in the company is 37 years and 58% of employees are under 35. “We try to speak their language – explains Lucia Fracassi, general director of eVISO -. We are constantly listening to the needs of young people and try to interpret their requests to transform them into measures to be adopted”. Over the years, the dialogue has led to the implementation of a series of strategies which today have earned the EBA eVISO in the category “How to meet, attract and retain young people in the company”. The list is extensive: it ranges from the creation of a guesthouse at the complete disposal of collaborators, through the possibility of smart working with flexible hours, up to the financing of scholarships and investments in training, not only strictly linked to the field professional. “Each employee – continues Fracassi – has a voucher equal to approximately 30% of his gross monthly salary which he can spend freely on training of all kinds and types, even on a gardening course if he wants. We try to pamper our young people, for example we have free coffee and fresh fruit for everyone every day.”

Even in the case of Skylabs, a business partner originally from Southern Italy, which supports businesses in digital challenges, people are at the center of the company. “During the pandemic we noticed that many of our collaborators, like those of many other companies in our sector, were contacted by companies from all over the world to work remotely – explains Luca Martino, CEO of Skylabs -. We asked ourselves what we could do to prevent people from leaving our team and we decided to start a journey to become one of the best companies to work in Italy. Through an anonymous survey, we asked our collaborators what they would change with a view to shared growth. We followed their instructions and started a welfare roadmap: every month we announce a new benefit that everyone can access”. The path was awarded today with the EBA in the category “How to guarantee the right Work-Life Balance for people in the company” Among the most appreciated measures we include flexibility in working hours, total transparency in the career path – the Skylabs Career Path – and the “sabbatical period”, a paid month to dedicate to one’s passions, recognized for those who have worked in the company for at least six years. Skylabs has also introduced a series of initiatives to support birth rates, to help new parents in the first months after the birth of their children. “We are very happy – continues Martino – because there is a strong attachment to our company : the percentage of those who chose to stay in Skylabs grew from 89% in 2022 to 93% in 2023, compared to an average in our sector of 70%”.

Over 250 people, including managers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, attended the Employer Branding Awards ceremony. “Being able to compare ourselves with many equally advanced entities on these issues has given us new ideas and stimuli to try to always do better”, underlines Fracassi. For Martino “it was further confirmation that we are going in the right direction”. Employer Branding Awards has already opened nominations for the second edition of the award and has announced a new category in the competition: “How to guarantee gender equality in the company”.

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