Eurallumina, black smoke on the relaunch plan at the Ministry of Made in Italy

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The meeting at the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy to address the Eurallumina dispute in Portovesme ends with another postponement and for the 300 million recovery plan it will be necessary to wait until January 31st. The summit convened to take stock and proceed with the documents necessary for the signing of the addendum to the Memorandum, i.e. the indispensable protocol to start the 300 million relaunch plan of the bauxite refinery which, until 2009 and under the control of Russia Rusal, which produced alumina, ended with an upgrade at the end of January.

The issues regarding projects for the future must therefore be addressed at that meeting: addendum to the program agreement, energy and safety for workers.

Too many delays

For the union representatives who followed the meeting “it was an opportunity to certify the delays”. «We expected more and better in the process regarding the addendum – the local unions said in a note -. It is clear that the work of sharing and technical analysis is showing significant delays.” According to the unions, the next few days will have to be decisive for the definition of the regulatory aspects that will concern both the safety of workers and energy supply.

A question of energy

The central point of the entire relaunch project, which sees Rusal participating with an investment of around 300 million euros, is that relating to the supply of methane because it is estimated, with the refinery running, a consumption of 365 million tonnes of gas the year. What is defined by experts as “the largest consumer on the island”. At the moment, having failed the project for the construction of the Fsru in Portovesme, the focus is on Porto Torres, the coastal depots and the ridge.

Immediate action needed

For trade union organizations it is now necessary to implement actions that “can ensure that the path started in 2009 is speeded up”. «Today’s meeting served to take note of the delays – says Francesco Garau, secretary of the regional Filctem -: to date the timing of the signing of the addendum is not known, which means that in these months since the closure of Paur they have not done anything» . Not only that: «For the Cigs 2024 we are waiting for the approval times of the national budget – he adds – while on methane production the president of the Solinas Region says that by Christmas the Mase will give the draft measure which will have to be approved by the government. This means that on the one hand, if there is no methane conversion plan, Eurallumina has no certainty of reopening and on the other, if Eurallumina does not reopen, the largest consumer of methane in the region will be missing.”

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