EssilorLuxottica: short week and 1,500 hires in Italian factories

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«In an era of great economic and social transformations, the urgency emerges to redesign new organizational models of companies to guide change towards paths that recognize and reward the professionalism and excellence of our country», claims the president and CEO of EssilorLuxottica, Francesco Milleri .

The manager’s vision came true with the union agreement on the new company supplementary contract for the three-year period 2024-2026 which brings the short week to Italian factories, with 20 days a year that workers will be able to carve out for themselves, mostly the Friday. The reduction in working days will be financed largely by the company, to a minimal extent with individual institutions. The new organization that workers will be able to join voluntarily will in fact have the same salary.

The role of trailblazer for factories

In industry, the group is leading the way on a measure that expands work-life balance for everyone, not just those who work in offices, and reaffirms the centrality of workers’ well-being. The long history of dialogue with people and social partners that has always characterized Luxottica «is expressed in an agreement inspired by principles of equity and inclusion, in which the talent of doing plays a central role. A long-term pact, which allows EssilorLuxottica to enhance Made in Italy by making Italian plants increasingly competitive for the excellence of their production and its people to plan their life and work paths with greater security”, he says Milleri.

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The union agreement

The agreement signed yesterday evening with Filctem Cgil, Femca Cisl and Uiltec Uil on the new company supplementary contract concerns almost 15 thousand workers in the Agordo, Sedico, Cencenighe Agordino, Pederobba, Lauriano (Turin) and Rovereto (Trento) factories, and designs a new frontier of work organization in Italy, inspired by principles of equity and inclusion. In the factories, the new organizational model reconciles people’s private life time with the need for continuity and planning of company activities: the guiding light is in fact production flexibility. Going into detail, the new organization will be introduced on an experimental basis in some departments and production areas. Those who voluntarily choose to adhere to the new time model with “short weeks” will be able to carve out twenty days a year for themselves and their personal needs, mostly on Fridays. Without impact on salary. Two possible options. In the first, the company covers 15 days, while the remaining 5 are covered with individual paid leave. In this case the company integrates partly through welfare, partly through payroll. In the second, the company covers 13 days. The remaining 7 days are covered with individual paid leaves. In this case the remuneration is entirely in the pay slip.

Smart work is approaching the factory

«The new company contract will make it possible to achieve an important level of conciliation also for the benefit of those who cannot take their work home, bringing the factories closer to the new smart working methods – interprets the group’s human resources director, Piergiorgio Angeli – . It is a double-track flexibility, because while it protects income and frees up personal time and space, it returns to the company in terms of dynamism and sustainability in the long term, opening up the opportunity of a permanent and stable position to over 1,500 new colleagues”.

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