Energy, 221 procedures for 10.5 GW examined at the Ministry of the Environment in 2023

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In 2023, the Via-Vas commissions (for environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment) and Pnrr-Pniec (integrated national plan for energy and climate) of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security worked on 221 authorization procedures, for a total value of works in the area of ​​over 13.5 billion euros and an energy production of approximately 10.5 gigawatts.

2 GW of wind farms

As regards the Via-Vas commission, in 2023 there were 33 EIA requests for wind power plants examined, for a total installed power of more than 2 GW and a total value of approximately 3.5 billion.

Power lines

Furthermore, during 2023, the Via subcommission, in relation to the power lines of the national transmission network, established and provided a positive opinion to 51 procedures. The preliminary investigation activity was aimed at encouraging increases in the availability of connections of new plants in projects powered by renewable sources. A favorable opinion was given, for a value of the works of approximately 76 million euros, to the extension of environmental compatibility to allow the construction of various power lines. Finally, a significant number of compliance checks were carried out, the approval of which will allow the unblocking and start-up of 10 power lines for a total cost of approximately 510 million. Overall, the preliminary investigation activities regarding power lines provided opinions on projects with an economic impact of approximately 450 million euros.

Furthermore, Terna’s development plan was evaluated, according to the Vas procedure, for a value of approximately 21 billion euros.

Pnrr Projects

As regards the activity of the Pnrr-Pniec technical commission, 120 Via opinions in the energy field were adopted during 2023. These are 73 agrivoltaic projects, 19 photovoltaic, 16 wind, 3 offshore wind, 3 pumping plants, 3 methane pipelines, 1 hydroelectric, 1 biorefinery and 1 power plant, for a total of 8.33 GW, of which 1 GW of energy storage and a total economic value of approximately 10 billion euros. Furthermore, 18 environmental impact study investigations for offshore wind projects were completed.

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