Emilia-Romagna, going from nine to five Chambers of Commerce

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Seven years of complicated compromises led to the debut of the new configuration of the Emilia-Romagna chamber system. From nine to five Chambers of Commerce: Bologna and Modena confirmed as they are, Piacenza, Parma and Reggio merged, as well as Ferrara with Ravenna and Rimini with Forlì Cesena, with a 25% cut in staff and a hundred fewer councilors, to equal services guaranteed.

550 thousand businesses in Emilia-Romagna

A path, the one that began in 2016 with Legislative Decree 219, «which is not just the closing of a circle but the beginning of a new relay that aims to give concrete support to the over 550 thousand companies in the region struggling with the digital transition and green and with an economic scenario that is anything but positive, aggravated by the lack of 4.0 incentives for innovation”, comments Valerio Veronesi, president of the Bologna Chamber elected on 29 November at the helm of the regional Unioncamere.

Revenue declining in 2024

Half of the companies in the region – according to the survey by the Chamber’s study center – have decreasing orders and one in three expects a slowdown in December, therefore with declining turnover prospects for 2024. And four out of ten companies already this year are recording a decrease in turnover.

The AI ​​challenge

«It is on artificial intelligence that, as an intermediate body between institutions and businesses, we can make the difference. We ask the Region – the president points out – to sit at the table to discuss a tender that reduces the interest rates on 5.0 investments by our companies, at 7% no one can afford to innovate. While on AI we will now begin to build the “user manual” to allow each SME to collaborate with Cineca and Tecnopolo, starting from scratch.”

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