Electricity, consumption increasing in November: +1.4%

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At a territorial level, the trend change in November 2023 was positive everywhere: +1.4% in the North, +0.9% in the Center and +1.9% in the South and on the islands.

Hydroelectric recovery

In November, 82.1% of Italian electricity demand was satisfied with national production and the remaining portion (17.9%) was satisfied by the balance of energy exchanged with foreign countries. Net national production was 21 billion kWh, stable compared to November 2022.

The recovery of production from renewable water sources continues compared to last year (+86.6%) thanks to the greater availability of the resource. Production from wind sources is increasing (+51.9%), also in this case mainly due to greater availability of the resource (compared to November 2022, installed capacity increased by 558 MW, approximately 5%). As regards photovoltaic, the increase in production (+28.1%) is mainly attributable to the increase in installed capacity of 4,797 MW, approximately 20% more than the same period last year. Finally, geothermal sources are also growing (+0.5%).

Record for wind power in November

In relation to wind power, on 25 November, according to Terna’s findings, a new wind production record was set at a value of 8.8 GWh. The value was maintained throughout the time slot from 11:00 to 15:00. The previous record, 8.3 GWh, was set in March 2023.

Decline in coal

Production from thermal sources fell (-21.8%), with a 65% drop in coal in particular. Last month, renewable sources produced a total of 10.4 billion kWh, covering 40.9% of electricity demand (compared to 29% in November 2022). Production from renewables in November was divided as follows: 40.4% hydro, 14.9% photovoltaic, 28.7% wind, 11.7% biomass, 4.3% geothermal. According to Terna’s findings illustrated in the monthly report, considering all renewable sources, in the first eleven months of 2023 the increase in capacity in Italy is equal to 4,938 MW, a value higher by approximately 2,269 MW (+85%) compared to the same period of 2022.

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