Electric car, because Italy is among the last in Europe

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«On average, 14% of cars sold across Europe are electric. In Italy we are at 4%: we are at the rear, we are behind. Yet in 2023 we saw a 45% jump in electric commercial vehicles and a 38% jump in charging points intended for the public.” Fabio Bocchiola, CEO of Repower Italia, chooses these numbers to present the white paper “Sustainable mobility and electric vehicles”, to draw a partial balance of a revolution, that of mobility, which has already begun. And look forward.

The white paper, created and published online by Repower, a group active in the energy and sustainable mobility sector, is now in its eighth edition. It aggregates indicators, numbers and forecasts to give an overall vision of green mobility in the Italian, European and global panorama.

«We have left behind a year characterized by lights and shadows, with some sectors moving forward at a rapid pace, such as charging infrastructure, and others less so, such as sales of zero-emission cars in Italy: the general panorama of sustainable mobility is constantly evolving given the speed with which technologies and solutions for users change”, continues Bocchiola. Increasingly, digitalisation, also with the push of artificial intelligence, is shaping the evolution of the way we move.



Electric mobility in 2024

According to Francesco Naso, general secretary of Motus-E, involved in the research, «in 2024 we will see the charging network constantly improve at the service of citizens and become more widespread every day. At the same time, thanks to the remodulation of car incentives and the debut of increasingly accessible battery-powered models, electric circulation will also be able to increase significantly, narrowing the real gap that separates Italy from the other large European countries.”

Electric cars

After a difficult 2022 for the automotive sector, characterized by a drop in registrations of -9.7% compared to the previous year, 2023 saw the Italian car market register a +18.87%, with 1,572,144 registrations . In this context, 2023 recorded 66,276 new registrations of pure electric cars (BEV): +35.11%. In absolute terms, there are 220,188 BEVs in Italy (Motus-E data, December 2023) and according to Unrae estimates from June they represent 0.5% of the fleet in circulation. For fully electric light commercial vehicles, registrations were 5,980 between January and November 2023: exceeding the 4,115 units registered in 2022 in 11 months: +45.3%.

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