Development contracts, the South accelerates in investments

The instrument. The Development Contract is the main facilitative instrument dedicated to supporting large strategic and innovative investment programs. Based on applications submitted by companies, the Contract allows industrial development programs to be supported with public resources, including programs regarding the transformation and marketing of agricultural products; development programs for environmental protection and tourism activities. As part of these programs, the instrument can possibly finance research, development and innovation projects. The development programs can be implemented by one or more companies, Italian or foreign, of any size, also through the network contract instrument. The total amount of expenses and costs eligible for benefits must not be less than 20 million, or 7.5 million if the program concerns exclusively the processing and marketing of agricultural products.

The majority of the 2023 development contracts were signed by Invitalia with companies from Campania. Among these, for example, the one signed in June between Mimit, the Campania Region, Invitalia SpA and the Benevenetian company Rummo, a pasta producer, which is preparing to carry out an expansion of both the production area and the storage areas with the purchase of technologically advanced systems. Rummo will invest 52 million (with the expectation of employing 30 new work units each year), thanks to support of 31 million. The Brunella SrL company, active in the processing and marketing of tomatoes and legumes, operates in the canning sector. The industrial development program consists of an investment project relating to the transformation and marketing of agricultural products and a research and development project, in which the University of Naples – Federico II participates as a participating entity. . A new production unit will be built for the production of tomato preserves through the recovery and redevelopment of an abandoned factory and the implementation of a research and development project for the production of a probiotic tomato concentrate. Brunella will spend around 27 million with the expectation of employing 40 new work units per year, with a contribution of 15.8 million.

However, the agreement signed on 21 June by MIMIT, the Puglia Region, Invitalia and the GE company for the subsidiary Avio Srl concerns the Puglia Region. The program is divided into a production investment project which will affect the Pomigliano D’Arco site (Na ) and an industrial research and experimental development project to be carried out at the Avio Aero sites in Pomigliano d’Arco (NA) and Brindisi. The initiative aims to develop and introduce advanced manufacturing systems in the production of aeronautical components, allowing greater efficiency in innovative production, reduction of processing times and energy consumption. The investment amounts to 56 million and will allow an increase in employment of 100 new employees. The ministry will make resources available for over 22 million.

Laminazione Sottile, a company with registered office in Naples and a production plant in San Marco Evangelista (CE), also operates in Campania. The subsidiary Italcoat Spa is participating in the contract. It is a project that aims to increase the production capacity of the plant where the aluminum rolling is carried out. The investment involves the construction of three warehouses and the purchase of machinery. An increase in employment of the order of 80 work units is expected.


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