Dear flights, Ita launches light fares for young Sicilians

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More flights to and from Sicily, fare concessions especially for younger people. These are the two innovations announced by the general director of Ita Airways Andrea Benassi who met the president of the Sicilian Region Renato Schifani in Palermo. An announcement that comes at a hot time for Sicilian travel: in recent days the controversy over expensive flights has exploded again just before the Christmas holidays, when many Sicilians return home.

The increase in flights also for Summer 2024

During the meeting (the regional councilor for Infrastructure and mobility Alessandro Aricò and the head of communication and institutional relations of Ita Pietro Caldaroni were also present) the airline announced, in addition to joining the discount program for Sicilian residents started in recent weeks and the increase in flights for the now imminent Christmas holidays, an increase in flights also for the next Summer 2024 season and the launch of the “Sicily Youth Flight Pass”, a new commercial product dedicated to children aged 12 and over to 25 year olds traveling on Ita Airwais flights to and from Sicily. «I am happy with the new relationship that has been established with the national airline – says Schifani –. I am sure that we can finally build a dialogue based on maximum collaboration. And the initiatives that were illustrated to me, designed specifically for Sicily, demonstrate great attention to our territory and go precisely in the direction I have long hoped for: reducing flight costs, ensuring all Sicilians have the right to mobility” .

What does the “Sicily Youth Flight Pass” provide?

The “Sicily youth flight pass” (which will be on sale already this week on the Ita Airways website) allows you to create a package of prepaid vouchers to be used for issuing airline tickets and can be customized in terms of number of flights (minimum 6 – maximum 24), destinations, period in which to travel and even provides the possibility of deciding at a later time the person who will use the tickets, with the price of the airline tickets blocked at the time of purchase and booking always guaranteed until all available seats are filled on the flight. Compared to the standard product, the “Sicily youth flight pass” provides, for the same combinations chosen, fares with lower levels dedicated to young people who purchase a package of direct flights from the company departing from Rome Fiumicino and Milan Linate, to Catania and Palermo and viceversa.

Ita’s programs for Sicily

«I am very satisfied with the meeting with President Schifani, to whom I personally confirmed the importance of Sicily for Ita Airways – says Benassi -. After joining the discount program for Sicilian residents and the increase in flights to Catania and Palermo during the Christmas holidays, with the Sicily youth flight pass we take a further step forward in favor of young people, allowing them to reunite with family members or to reach the island for tourism purposes. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to represent to the president and councilor Aricò the willingness of Ita Airways to jointly define initiatives that can further enhance the Sicilian territory and increase tourist flows to Sicily. We hope that our initiatives can contribute to the creation of an increasingly close collaboration with the Sicilian institutions and with the territory, which is increasingly central to the strategies of Ita Airways”.

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