Dear Ferragni, my (unsolicited) advice to save your brand

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It’s all coming down. Fedez he is nervous, Chiara first cries, then is calm, then admits and apologizes, then appeals the sentence, then leaves with the balance. These are too conflicting messages from those who no longer know what to do. It all seems done at random. This task force hired for crisis management would perhaps be better called a task. Of course, if then, following a mess like the Pandoro-gate they advise you to focus on victimhood and publish a video of tearful admission which was supposed to serve to stem the situation and which instead definitively destroyed it, then the problem becomes irrecoverable. Deny, deny and deny again: that’s the rule.

The choice to “pretend nothing happened” adopted in December 2022, when Selvaggia Lucarelli already published the articles explaining the shadows of the Pandoro Ferragni/Balocco operation, had worked: for the entire following year no repercussions on the character of Chiara Ferragni and no reputational crisis for its companies.

For this reason, that video absolutely should not have been made. By publicly admitting that she was wrong, even those who until then took her word for it stopped doing so. Some will accept the apology, but most will not. People forgive everything and everyone, except those who joke with sick children. See what happens with all the news relating to those who evade taxes, perhaps a more serious fact: but if you defraud the State is fine, you are forgiven, because the State is bad, while if you play with charitable operations you fall into a black hole.

Ferragni case, Salvini: “Disconcerted by the fury of these days”

If before Chiara Ferragni was seen as the untouchable princess of beauty and charity, now we have understood that this is not really the case. And two photos of her daughter Vittoria won’t be enough to bring back all the brands that are running away, themselves worried about a reputational crisis. As I have already explained in the past, Chiara Ferragni is not a woman, she is a brand. And like any brand, it moves to increase its turnover, to make its image better known, to preserve its interests. What initially might have seemed like a common “smart marketing move”, a frequent practice done by many companies, with the communication decisions adopted subsequently seemed like a way to come out clean and in a virtuous manner through a large donation. A vain effort, so much so that, once the news of the donation to the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin, promised in the apology video, came out, the most widespread sarcastic comment among online users was: “Very spontaneous, this donation ”.

Chiara Ferragni returns to social media: thanks to those who have been close to me

But how do you get back up once you hit rock bottom? We need a total change of direction, we need to defend ourselves by attacking. Chiara, I have the solution. Create a t-shirt with the words “SCAMMER”, which would then be the words written by a vandal on your shop window. Respond to the attack by attacking yourself. Fashion weeks are upon us: imagine Versace showing you wearing a shirt with the word “BANDITA” written on it. It would be a coup de theatre. People will say: “All in all, what did she do to deserve this pillory”, comparing you to other characters who commit much more serious crimes. No one could accuse you anymore, also because you would be the first to do so, to recognize the problem and play on it. You would emerge triumphant: you weaken the offenses and reaffirm your brand. Of course, it takes courage, but fashion is courage and, as it created you, it will save you. But, Chiara, be careful if you use this idea without notifying me, because my lawyer and I are ready.

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