Consumption, purchasing intentions growing for the second consecutive month

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After the acceleration in December (+15%), purchasing intentions detected by Findomestic’s monthly observatory open 2024 with slight growth (+1%) but remain distant from the pre-Covid levels reached last spring. For the next three months, the desire to renovate the home (+12.7%) and purchase DIY equipment (+7.4%) will increase above all. The desire for new cars is also growing (+7%) thanks to the announcement of new state incentives.

Only 6% think that the country’s economic situation will improve during 2024 and just 7% believe in an increase in wages in the next 12 months. And so the majority of those interviewed believe that both their family’s ability to save (57%) and to spend (56%) will worsen over the course of the year. In short, according to Claudio Bardazzi, head of the Findomestic Observatory, «despite falling inflation and concern about high prices falling to the lowest levels of the last 12 months, pessimism continues to prevail, also because, as we noted in the second half of 2023, nine out of ten families still complain of economic problems.” Very or quite serious for 40%, limited for the majority, 49 percent.

While waiting for the new incentives for purchasing a new car, only 12.8% of those interviewed by the Findomestic Observatory today intend to purchase a used one in the coming months, 18.4% less than in December. In the mobility sector, electric scooters also collapsed (-22%), while e-bikes remained stable and motor vehicles advanced: +1.7%. The world of the home is divided between the furniture segment which shows dynamism (propensity to purchase at +6%) and that of energy efficiency, negative for heat pumps (-0.9%), thermal insulation (-4 .5%), fixtures (-7.1%), photovoltaic systems (-12.8%) and condensing and biomass boilers (-15.6%). Household appliances also fell, both large (-7.4%) and small (-2.7%). In the technology sector, purchasing intentions for PCs and telephones are gaining ground (+3.1% and +1% respectively), as opposed to TVs (-11.8%) and tablets (-15.5%). The good intentions at the beginning of the year fuel the desire to purchase sports equipment (+6%), while the intention to purchase travel decreases after the Christmas holidays: -3.5 percent.

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