«Connections, key to attracting industry»

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Infrastructure remains a strong critical issue for the North-West area, but also an extraordinary opportunity if we look to the future. Luca Caretti, secretary of the CISL of Piedmont, is convinced of this. «The issue of infrastructure is a central issue for a region like Piedmont which is experiencing a delicate phase due to the numerous industrial crises that are emerging for many reasons».

Luca Caretti. General secretary of CISL Piedmont

How does the issue of connections intersect with the risk of deindustrialization?

«In perspective, speaking of Piedmont’s development model, the infrastructure issue is one of the most important. Not only for the economic growth of the area but also in relation to strategic connections with Northern Europe. It is a central theme also because infrastructures allow us to make the ecosystem in which companies live more competitive. The issue of costs for companies is central, as demonstrated by the choices of Stellantis which is moving some production to Poland to achieve savings. Therefore, having a system that brings together efficient infrastructures, connections and logistics is what can make the difference in maintaining industrial realities and attracting others.”

Work in transportation and logistics is considered poor work. Isn’t it risky to bet on this area for the future development of Piedmont?

«I don’t share this general tendency to disqualify logistics. This is a sector where we need to improve the presence of the union which must then do its job to improve workers’ conditions, but it is an area that can allow us to attract “rich” work.”

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