Comics, Comicon arrives in Berlin with the exhibition on «Calvino Imaginary»

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Comicon, the comics festival born in Naples and now in its 24th edition, arrives in Berlin. The exhibition dedicated to Italo Calvino, «Imaginary Calvin», after Athens, Buchareste and Paris, is inaugurated in Berlin (1st February at 7pm). And she’s not the only one. The exhibition on Drawing Dante, after Canada, was set up in Kazakhstan. And again, that of the master Milo Manara (of which Comicon manages the artistic curatorship) is underway in Croatia. These are the events that Comicon has produced mostly at the request of Italian cultural institutes abroad.

From the basement to international exhibitions

Comicon today, at 26 years old, is a rapidly growing reality. It started as a small comics festival in Castel Sant’Elmo on the initiative of a comics shop set up in the form of an association between friends and relatives of which the young Claudio Curcio (who is president) is the promoter, and today it is a fair with 200 thousand visitors ( 170 thousand in Naples and 30 thousand in Bergamo) and is among the top five festivals in the sector in the world. Second in Italy.

Today Comicon, the exhibitions and its other various activities are managed by Visiona, a cooperative company with 15 permanent employees (plus a dozen collaborators and consultants throughout Italy) and with a 2023 turnover of around 4 million. It deals directly with the management of spaces, installations, communication, promotion, ticketing and editorial section with which it publishes national and international titles. In Lucca in November 2023, Comicon edizioni was awarded thanks to the comic “The great void” by the French author, Léa Murawiec.

Comicon Bergamo starts in 2023

An important stage in the history of Comicon is that of the start of the Festival in 2023 in Bergamo, immediately included in the program of the Italian Capital of Culture Bergamo and Brescia. The Festival in Bergamo, from 23 to 25 June last year, recorded 28 thousand visitors in its first edition. And, as in Naples, also in Bergamo, a program of events was also created in the city center in Bergamo and Brescia.

The 24th edition will be held in Naples from 25 to 28 April

The next edition of Comicon Napoli will take place from 25 to 28 April in the Mostra D’Oltremare and a new sold out is expected. Master Hitoshi Sakimoto announced his presence, author of the music for the video games which, for the occasion, will be performed by the Scarlatti Young Orchestra.

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