«Cohesion between the North and the South is the real issue to be addressed»

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He has just returned from a two-hour “serene and constructive” discussion with the President of the Sicilian Region Renato Schifani. A dialogue on development, economic policy and infrastructure. Above all infrastructures which are “the key to true development”. Gaetano Vecchio, 49 years old, board member and general manager of Cosedil, a family company founded by his father Andrea and today a leading company at national level in the construction of civil and infrastructural works, for a few weeks president of Confindustria Sicilia, looks at the glass half full , forcefully rejects the usual whining and relaunches a pragmatist strategy that focuses on the opportunities that lie ahead.

It has been said: after many years a Catanian at the top of Confindustria Sicilia.

Yes, it’s true, I am the first person from Catania to lead Confindustria in Sicily after 40 years. But there is no contrast between eastern and western Sicily also because in my opinion the contrast is anachronistic: the world is already hyperconnected and therefore today thinking of a contrast between Catania and Palermo is out of this world. Entrepreneurs have the duty to walk unitedly towards a single direction: that of the growth and development of this land. All internal and even territorial divisions must be overcome.

Do we want to talk about priorities? What did you say to the President of the Region?

A series of studies claims that Sicily has four-five years of growth ahead of it with a positive GDP. The resources are there: from Pnrr funds to investments in wind and solar energy. And let’s not forget the new programming of European funds. I told President Schifani what I have been repeating for some time: focus on infrastructure not only because it helps the territory to be more competitive but also because it helps the system in general to grow.

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