Cohesion, 2.86 billion agreement with Calabria: 622.4 million for transport

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The plate of the Development and Cohesion Fund for Calabria is rich, on which the agreement between the Government and the Region was sanctioned on Friday with the signature of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Governor Roberto Occhiuto: 2.86 billion euros (633 million already programmed with Cipess resolution), including 300 million for the Strait Bridge. In total, 317 projects are financed. The largest slice of the cake, equal to 622.4 million net of the Bridge, concerns the coordinated and integrated development of the transport system. They range from the road sector, which involves just under 388 million, to interventions for maritime transport and logistics, which are worth 90.5 million. For industry and services, 314 million are at stake out of the total 386 allocated to competitiveness. The structured management needs of water resources absorb 108 million, the overcoming of waste emergencies 149.

The Calabrian agreement is the most substantial of those signed so far

The signing of the agreement took place symbolically at the port of Gioia Tauro. «A jewel», Meloni defined it: «The first Italian port and the ninth in Europe for goods traffic, but we are a platform in the middle of the Mediterranean. More can be done.” It was the minister in charge of cohesion policies, Raffaele Fitto, who clarified that the amount for Calabria is “the most substantial” among the ten agreements signed so far and is close to three billion if we also consider the funds already released available from other financial sources. In line, for Fitto, with the vision put forward by the Executive with the Southern decree which looks at the relaunch of the South as a “Mediterranean hub”.

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