Closer link with the EU on strategic decisions

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Greater dialogue (and harmony) with Europe. Umbrian industrialists are looking carefully at the European elections next June to strengthen relations with MEPs, starting with those elected in their own constituency. «Sometimes we have noticed a disconnect between the action of our representatives in Strasbourg and the needs of companies», explains the president of Confindustria Umbria, Vincenzo Briziarelli. Two, in particular, are the decisions that have an impact on the regional economy: the exit from the market in 2035 of internal combustion engine cars in favor of electric ones; and, recently, the proposal for a European regulation on packaging, which goes in the direction of favoring reuse over recycling, in which Italy is the queen, with the aim of reducing the quantity of packaging.

Vincenzo Briziarelli. President of Confindustria Umbria

«We have witnessed decisions by some Italian MEPs that conflict with the industrial interests of the country and our region», adds the president, underlining how Umbria, due to these choices, often suffers heavier consequences than other territories, given which suffers from greater limitations starting from the infrastructural one. In 2023 the regional economy held up (Svimez predicts a GDP of +0.5% in 2023 and +0.3% in 2024), but now – also due to the uncertain geopolitical scenario – it wants to become more attractive. It is precisely for this reason that the industrial association promoted the “Umbria 2032” study carried out by The European House–Ambrosetti, which analyzed the existing framework and lined up the priority actions: construction of the Medio Etruria high-speed station; expansion of coverage with ultra-broadband; transformation of the Terni area into a green manufacturing laboratory. The projects also include giving more strength to the ITS Umbria Academy, to train specialized technicians required by companies.

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