Climate change is good for ice cream: sales boom in the hottest October ever

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In the ongoing climate change not everything comes to harm. At least as far as ice cream consumption is concerned. A Nielsen study, in fact, finds that a deseasonalization of the product is underway. Partly due to climate changes as well as new consumer trends, in October 2023 – the hottest month on record globally – in Italy, sales of ice cream in tubs have recorded a boom compared to the past.

According to Nielsen data, compared to the same period of 2021, the ice cream market recorded a +60% in value sales (71.8 million euros compared to 44.6 in October 2021) and a +28% in sales in volume (8.9 million kilograms against 6.9 in the same period of 2021). Therefore an increasingly autumn frozen according to the trend recorded in recent years, which demonstrates how Italians appreciate what was the iconic summer food, even in the other months of the year.

Trend already present in Northern EU

On the other hand, this deseasonalization has already taken hold for some time in Northern European countries; from Finland, to Sweden, up to Norway and Denmark, ice cream is, in fact, consumed throughout the year, even in the coldest months. And to demonstrate that the Italian trend is changing, the numbers provided by Tonitto 1939, the number one Ligurian company in Italy for sorbet and ice cream without added sugars, contribute to confirming how, in the month of October 2023, there was a notable growth, both in value and volume, of some of its best-known brand products.

In fact, a note explains, the company has recorded “a growth in value of 50% of the main product lines under its own brand, with some notable triple-digit jumps in Coppa Famiglia, Stecco sorbetto and sorbet”. But the increase also involves the private label products that Tonitto creates for the main large-scale retail players: “in the month of October alone, in fact, compared to the same period in 2021, the latter even recorded a triple-digit increase in value”.

Market in transformation and growth

What we are seeing, says Alberto Piscioneri, general manager of Tonitto, «is a sign of clear transformation and growth of the market. Our sector requires us to continue to find solutions that allow us to keep up with the times and changes in the world around us. The numbers we are recording are certainly positive and indicate how ice cream in tubs is now a food that has become a permanent part of Italians’ habits.”

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