Christmas, spending on gifts is decreasing for one Italian in five

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Inflation is being felt as are the effects of promotions which, in the end, have the effect of “slowing down” spending for Christmas. And, in fact, there will be fewer gifts than last year. At least according to a survey on purchases carried out by the Piepoli Institute for Udicon, the consumer defense union.

The investigation for Udicon

Reading the data we discover that on average Italians will spend 249 euros on gifts on December 25th. «Inflation is still the main concern for 9 out of 10 Italians and this means that the positive inversion of the last few months is still slow to be felt on family budgets – stated Martina Donini, national president of Udicon -. Two out of three Italians anticipated Christmas gifts during Black Friday, taking advantage of discounts and promotions. This shows that consumers are looking for low-priced opportunities in a time of economic uncertainty.”

One in five will spend less

Among those interviewed, one in five will spend less than a year while around 28% will give fewer gifts. It’s all the fault of the price increases, which will affect goods and services, which during 2023 negatively affected the population’s spending habits. Of the people consulted about how much they will spend on Christmas presents, 53% said that the maximum amount will reach 250 euros.

Those who will spend an amount between 251 and 500 euros are around 28% of the sample interviewed. 5% will spend between 501 and 750 euros, while who knows who declared to spend between 751 and 1,000 euros and over 1,000 euros is equal to 1%. 12% of those interviewed do not indicate the expense for Christmas shopping.

In this scenario, clothing will dominate with 37%, followed by perfumery with 27% and leather goods with 23%. Below 20% is the purchase of books which stops at 19% and food at 18%. Only 9% instead for technology, 8% for cell phones and smartphones, 7% for sporting goods and, finally, 3% for holidays.

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