Chinese DNA and Venetian quality: the serial entrepreneur between uppers and brunches

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«At 9 years old I was a child who went to primary school in the morning and worked in the afternoon.
I was 10 thousand km away from home, from the things I knew, from the old school, from my old friends and I didn’t speak a single word of Italian. Matteo Hu, 41, was born to Chinese parents and literally grew up among heels and uppers in the historic elegant luxury footwear district of the Brenta Riviera. Today he leads a company that is a case of excellence. «For me, a Chinese in Italy in the 90s, it wasn’t easy, no one helped me. I found it natural to start my business as an entrepreneur by taking over the family business and giving it a more modern imprint.”

That of CY Calzature is a story of work, quality and integration: «I started from what is still our flagship today, the hemming of the upper, and which made us known to the luxury companies with which We have been collaborating for years now.”


These years have seen constant growth for CY Calzature which, even in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, when people did not leave their homes and purchases were mostly aimed at sneakers or slippers, closed the year with a + 20% in turnover (equal to 3 million and 300 thousand euros), to then grow by 39% in 2021 (to 4 million and 600 thousand euros) and by 38.5% in 2022 (to reach 6 million and 400 thousand euros).

«This year – continues Hu – we are preparing to close at 7 and a half million while for 2024, thanks to an innovation in the production system that we introduced in November with the opening of two new production plants in addition to the three already existing, we plan to double production and consequently turnover.”

Shoes and brunch

Matteo defines himself as a serial entrepreneur: once he finished his studies, he explored the topic of personal improvement on his own. «I’m passionate about it, I read books and volumes on business every day, biographies and texts that talk about how to increase your skills and abilities».

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