Cattle market in Cuneo Eleven suitors for the future of Miac

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For decades, it was the point of reference for farmers and butchers throughout Northern Italy, who, for the purchase and sale of oxen, dairy calves and Piedmontese breed sheep, still used to negotiate in lire (later converted into euros), even well after the introduction of the community currency.

Today, Miac, the Cuneo agri-food wholesale market, has changed its vocation and has transformed into a center for the promotion of research and for the development and valorisation of products, which goes far beyond the meaning of the acronym that represents it. After the pandemic crisis, the business was transformed into an electronic cattle exchange, where agricultural entrepreneurs and traders of animals, feed and other products in the supply chain meet to finalize deals.

Hand in hand with this evolution, a reconversion process that looks to the future has begun for the 48 thousand m2 of Miac, of which 6 thousand are covered, located at the northern entrance to the city in the Ronchi area. The future is already well represented by the local presence of the Agrifood technological hub, one of seven in the Piedmont Region and the only one dedicated to agri-food.

To give new life to the areas, the company that owns the Miac (which has shareholders in the Municipality of Cuneo, Finpiemonte Partecipazioni, the CRC Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce, the Province, as well as private partners and trade associations, does not agricultural only) developed a strategic relaunch plan in June 2023 and launched a public procedure (which ended on 22 December) to collect expressions of interest in the development of the real estate complex. «With satisfaction, we received 11 applications from entities operating in the area, but with national and international standing and for high quality initiatives – explains Marcello Cavallo, president of the Board of Directors -. An important response for the city, in line with our relaunch objectives.”

The developments, imagined by the strategic plan, are fully satisfied in the proposals received and cover different areas. From the establishment of a park for the production of renewables (electricity from photovoltaic and hydrogen), with the consequent possibility of creating an energy community, to the development of a hub for local logistics, dedicated to the management of the last mile of entry in Cuneo, for the benefit of small and medium-sized companies, the creation of a business accelerator and an incubator for start-ups, not only in the food sector up to projects aimed at the production of services for the smart city and the smart land on the issues of efficiency and sustainability.

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