Carinthia, a cradle of ever-expanding innovation and technology

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When we say Carinthia we instinctively think of nature, of emerald green lakes and mountains to be experienced in all seasons of the year. An established tourist destination, perfect for those looking for a relaxing escape and a slow lifestyle. But this is just one of the many “faces” of Carinthia. In fact, for several years the territorial policy of the southernmost Bundesland of Austria has been working to break with the traditional image of the tourist and agricultural region, to establish it as a innovative high-tech place. An activity that has earned Carinthia a new place in the minds and lives of people – especially investors – closely linked to career and to development.

Here, in the center of Europe, on the border with Italy and Slovenia, economy And science find the best conditions for research and application at the highest levels, above all thanks to the presence of cutting-edge technology parks as the Lakeside Science & Technology Park in Klagenfurt and theHigh Tech Campus Villach. Over 70 thousand square meters of surfaces dedicated to research and development which already host more than one hundred companies with over 2,000 people employed. Fertile ground both for companies like Dynatrace, which develops its software based on artificial intelligence, and for young researchers like Samira Hayat, who is continuing her studies on drones benefiting from the largest indoor test room in Europe.

The winning model is that of Smart Specializationthe cooperation between technology parks, educational institutions and companies. David PitschmannHead of International Cooperation at Lakeside Science & Technology Park says: “The connection between the 3 different know-hows creates a

triangle of knowledge
which serves as an ideal ecosystem for innovations. It is no coincidence that our technology park is located next to the University of Klagenfurt just as, in Villach, the High Tech Campus is adjacent to the local university of applied sciences. A continuously expanding system, where companies can easily fit in and which we invite everyone to discover”
. The issue of distances therefore turns out to be crucial: in Carinthia everything that professionals and companies need to grow is “within reach”. From this perspective the networking is highly facilitated, also thanks to dedicated events and the presence of development agencies that offer personalized consultancy for finding partners and financiers.

New opportunities
In recent years, Carinthia has experienced strong development in the sector of technology, innovation and research, investing approximately 2.98% of GDP. The Austrian region hosts excellent technology clusters in a vibrant research landscape, especially in the micro electronics and in the information & communication technology. In Klagenfurt, in addition to the university, we find the Joanneum Research Roboticsspecializing in robotics, the innovation center Fraunhofer KI4LIFE focused on digitalization and AI, a branch of the Austrian Institute for Technology (AIT) specializing in cybersecurity, but also the laboratory 5G Playground Carinthia, for research and development of 5G applications, products, processes and applications. In Villach, the international campus VIEW hosts the Silicon Alps Clusterthe research laboratory of Silicon Austria Labs, and the University of Applied Sciences Fachhochschule Kärnten. Precisely in Villach, in June 2022, one was inaugurated White room of 1,000 m2, the largest in all of Austria: an investment of 17 million euros which allows companies to carry out high-level research in the field of micro and nano electronics by developing small-scale products. At the beginning of 2023 they were communicated huge new investments for the expansion of the Lakeside Park in Klagenfurt, which will grow by 16,000 m2, and the High Tech Campus Villach, which will add 40,000 m2 of new spaces, so as to create a microelectronics cluster ideal for innovative and technological companies, start-ups, scale-ups and research institutes.

Industry & Smart Specialization in Carinthia

A virtuous ecosystem that has allowed Carinthia to carve out a place among the “strong innovators” of Europe and to represent one of the most attractive technological centers. This is also thanks to the research bonuses and contributions for investments in the R&D sector made available. In 2022 alone, the KWF (Carinthian Economic Development Fund) invested 36 million euros in financing in companies, cooperations and research projects, generating a volume of investments of over 300 million euros.
In 2021, second Statistics AustriaCarinthia has marked the most robust economic development among all the Austrian Länder, recording a 7.3% growthclearly surpassing the industrialized regions of Upper Austria and Styria.
All factors which, together with the favorable tax system, the stability of the legal and economic framework and the strategic position, make Carinthia a business location appreciated by entrepreneurs and investors from all over Europe.

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