Carbon fiber, Novation Tech is growing and hiring

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The key points

  • Robotics and technology
  • Human capital
  • The environment

Technology, robotics and human capital that, thanks to these two factors, human labor becomes more qualified.
Novation Tech – a company specialized in the processing of carbon fiber and composite materials for the automotive, sport & leisure, aerospace and eyewear sectors – has officially inaugurated its new production center in Trevignano, a few kilometers from its headquarters in Montebelluna (Treviso).
The new spaces are dedicated in particular to high-end automotive supplies, which represent 90% of the company’s business: Novation Tech creates internal and external components in carbon fibre, seats and accessories for the most major global automotive brands.

Robotics and technology

On a surface area of ​​approximately 5,700 m2 there are some departments also present in Montebelluna, to support production needs and to always ensure the continuity of the work (such as carbon lamination and the autoclave cooking and extraction part) together with new highly technological, characterized by precision robotic systems and an automated industrial painting cycle.

Four robotic systems have been installed in Trevignano for different production phases (precision gluing, sanding and polishing) and specific for the handling of large bodywork pieces, which are therefore heavy and difficult to work with, as well as a new automated painting line. And then here is the Massivit 10mila, the first additive manufacturing model in Europe capable of creating industrial molds in a few days (instead of weeks).

Human capital

As the CEO of Novation Tech Luca Businaro explains «the new factory was born from a very practical need, that of responding to the great growth that Novation Tech has experienced in recent years, going from 26 million in turnover and 170 collaborators in 2017 to 100 million in turnover and approximately 1,400 collaborators in 2023″.

The investment, of 3.5 million euros, was made in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo. The push on technology does not penalize the human factor: 140 people are already operational in the Trevignano hub (of which 100 are new hires). «We decided to grow here because we believe in the potential of this area, in the know-how that distinguishes it. The value is not created by the machines, but by the people: this is why there is so much technology in this new plant which goes hand in hand with human contribution, making the work of man more qualified”, adds Businaro.

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