Cambiaso Risso bets on welfare: «Useful for SMEs»

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“The return that is obtained within a company by doing welfare is much greater than the economic investment that has been made, regardless of whether it was high or low.” Andrea Risso, sales director and third generation within Cambiaso Risso, an insurance brokerage company specializing in the marine sector, clarifies in a few words the weight that the company gives to the well-being of its employees. And it makes another concept clear: precisely by virtue of the benefits that derive from it, welfare can also be the prerogative of SMEs; even more so than large companies, which perhaps embrace the principles in general (today also for fashion and “social” convenience) but often limit them to mere provision of benefits, such as shopping vouchers or tickets of various kinds.

Cambiaso Risso is a medium-sized company, it has 375 employees, of which 150 in Italy (Genoa, Naples and Trieste) and the rest in the countries where it has offices (London, Paris, Bergen, Hamburg, Athens, Istanbul, Dubai and Singapore), and has always had a passion for welfare. The attitude towards attention to its human resources certainly comes from the family imprint, but without paternalistic temptations, of the company (born in 1946), which has remained imprinted in its DNA. And it continues today, despite the fact that the majority shareholding in Cr is held by a large French group, Siaci Saint Honoré. The partnership agreement, in fact, guaranteed the Genoese top management of the company (Marco Risso and Mauro Iguera) to remain at the helm of Cambiaso Risso, while also maintaining full operational autonomy. «Today – underlines Andrea Risso – Cr has 700 million in intermediated premiums, 60 million in turnover and 24 in Ebitda». And welfare expenses (also managed independently from Siaci) reached 660 thousand euros in 2023, between Italy and foreign offices.

One of the company’s first social initiatives was born from the sudden death, in 2004, of Cr’s IT manager. The company supports his family and, in 2006, the Luigi Risso non-profit organization was founded, with the aim of supporting employees in difficulty and their families. Since that moment, the field of welfare has never stopped expanding. Currently, for the children between 24 months and 11 years of age of its employees, the company has set up the Cr sunny camp, a summer camp in which the children are looked after by four educators. For adults, however, there are yoga and fitness (2 outdoor fitness lessons per week and 2 yoga lessons per week in the company premises); the activity made it necessary to create a new area in the headquarters, with showers and changing rooms, to facilitate sporting activities.

Still on the subject of health, in addition to the company check-up (a complete package, depending on the age group, of preventive medicine tests, to be done once a year), the company provides health policies, in addition to the coverage provided for by the contract, which varies depending on the classification. But since the Covid period, Cr has also been offering its human resources psychological support, paid for by the company, thanks to an agreement with the Mindwork company. Then there are activities team building outdoor activities, such as snowshoeing, excursions, cleaning of beaches and seabeds, as well as volunteering, organized in all the network offices and paid as working hours. And again the New Gen project, aimed at the company’s under 30s: an annual initiative that includes three days of coaching And team building as well as outdoor sports routes (such as climbing organized in 2023 in Gressoney). But there is also an Erasmus project: a semester of work in a foreign office. And then the Cr Laboratory, recognized in 2022 as a corporate body, to create an exchange between employees and top management. It is made up of three permanent members (CFO and communications and HR managers) and four rotating members, in office for one year, chosen from colleagues from the various companies in the group. The proposal for a scholarship for deserving children of employees was born from the last workshop. Finally, there is no shortage of flexible hours and bonuses (for nursery, transport, gym) and flexible benefits, on a dedicated platform, as well as (paid) theater for families on Saturday afternoons. «The welfare initiatives – concludes Risso – are addressed, to the same extent, to all the offices of our network, respecting the habits and customs of the different countries».

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