Call for tenders for 25 million euros dedicated to PDOs and PGIs is now underway. Applications due May 15th

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New sprint at Italian excellences. For PDO and PGI products, the green light has been given to access the 25 million euro funds made available by the Ministry of Agriculture for national and international promotion. You have until May 15th to submit applications. Minister Francesco Lollobrigida himself presented the decree to Masaf on Friday 8th, according to which the work carried out by the consortia “will truly allow us to guarantee, in the future, growth of the national economy”.

Scope of

The beneficiaries of the intervention are the 176 consortia for the protection of PDO PGI in the agri-food sector, also organized into temporary associations. The activities that can be financed include information campaigns, public relations actions, promotion and advertising, participation in trade fairs and exhibitions of national and international importance.

The numbers

The initiative is part of a sector in which Italy, with a total of 855 certified foods and wines, is the number one country in Europe for DOP (Controlled Designation of Origin), IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) and Stg (Traditional specialty guaranteed), to which are added 35 Ig spirit drinks, for a total of 890 geographical indications. From an economic point of view, the PDO and PGI food sector has a production value of 8.85 billion, a consumer value of 17.4 billion and an export value of 4.65 billion. There are 550 thousand people employed in the PDO and PGI supply chains, 176 recognized protection consortia and 89 thousand PDO and PGI supply chain operators.

Projections on the increase in exports

A system of geographical indications which, according to an analysis by Coldiretti, “develops a value of over 20 billion euros”. «I am convinced that this nation will never be competitive in terms of quantity, and it is a banality given the size of this nation, we can instead dedicate ourselves to value and value can be obtained exclusively by focusing on an organized and systemic model that puts condition of always producing well and selling better”, said Lollobrigida. She thanked “all those who, even across the board, have moved to defend geographical indications and PDOs as a concept that defines a quality product inextricably linked to a specification, to a production of a territorial nature”. Some projections, you also underlined, «tell us that we can increase our export market from 4 to 8 billion in the next few years by continuing to work».

Satisfaction from the consortia

«We welcome – comments Cesare Baldrighi, president of Origin Italia which has 78 Consortia – the result of the action of Origin Italia which in the post-Covid period had requested special measures from the ministry to support the relaunch of the protection consortia, urging the then minister on this Stefano Patuanelli and then the current minister Francesco Lollobrigida, whom we thank for their commitment”, also in favor of consortia in the start-up phase. «We believe that the national GI system – states Cesare Mazzetti, president of the Qualivita Foundation – should warmly welcome this new provision intended to amplify the positive effects of the recent European reform».

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