Businesses, the demographic balance still holds up

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According to data from the Business Register of the Chambers of Commerce, in the period between July and September 2023, in the North-West (Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta/Vallée d’Aoste, Liguria) the number of new businesses registered amounted to 5,879, against a number of terminations equal to 5,114, resulting in a positive balance of 765 companies. The growth rate compared to the previous quarter of the same year is +0.13%, lower than the Italian average (+0.26%) and the other macro-areas (Lombardy +0.35%; North-East +0.28% ; Southern Italy +0.22%).

The growth of new businesses is slowed down by the high mortality rate, 0.86 closures per 100 businesses, well above the national average (0.73) and the other Italian macro-areas (North-East 0.73, Lombardy 0.78 and South 0.66). While the birth rate is in line with the national average: 0.99 registrations per 100 businesses, above the South (0.88) but below the North-East (1) and Lombardy (1.13) .

Relative to the different regions that make up the distribution, all close with a positive balance: Piedmont records a demographic balance (registrations minus terminations) of +466 new businesses in the third quarter of 2023 (61% of the positive balance of the macro-area); Liguria +266 companies; Valle d’Aosta/Vallée d’Aoste +33. Looking at the data in relative terms, the results do not seem encouraging: although Valle d’Aosta /Vallée d’Aoste with a growth rate of +0.27% is positioned in fifth place in the regional ranking, Liguria (+0, 17%) is in fourteenth position and Piedmont (+0.11%) is in eighteenth. Again in terms of growth rate, at a provincial level, only La Spezia ranks among the top 20 provinces with a value of +0.44% (fifth position). Biella (-0.05%) and Vercelli (-0.01%) close the provincial ranking.

Going deeper into the analysis, the data on the mountain municipalities – as defined by Istat, on the basis of the altimetric zones and phytosociological characteristics – show a situation substantially in line with the values ​​of the macroarea as a whole: the balance remains positive (+148 companies in the third quarter of 2023) but the growth rate is slightly lower than the value recorded for the macro area (+0.12% vs +0.13%). Slight difference in birth and mortality rates which are lower than the values ​​of the macro area as a whole (respectively, 0.92 vs 0.99 and 0.80 vs 0.86).

In relation to the sectors, the most significant change in terms of increase in the stock of companies (compared to the second quarter of 2023) was recorded in the tertiary sector and, in particular, in the sectors linked to Financial Services (+2.34%), Transport maritime (+2.05%) and film production activities (+1.51%).

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