Bucci: «Short-term performance prevails in Italy»

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«What emerges by analyzing the research data is a context in which Italian CMOs appear more focused on efficiency and short-term results compared to their European colleagues who, on the contrary, look at marketing challenges with a medium-long term perspective . And it is a situation that could turn out to be a boomerang.”

Vittorio Bucci, 43 years old, is CEO of Mediaplus and Board Member of Serviceplan Group Italia, the company that created the CMO barometer, based on the responses of Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Directors of the most important companies in Europe. Mediaplus is a media and digital marketing agency part of the Serviceplan group, a leading independent network in the Old Continent. «Certainly – adds Bucci – one of the most striking pieces of research evidence is the stress on the results, which is evident from the weight of artificial intelligence that promises efficiency»

It is certainly a positive element that distinguishes the environment of Italian CMOs.

It’s not for sure. The great focus of the activity is on results. And that’s certainly fine, but from a marketing point of view this could also have disadvantages. The very direct focus on short-term results is generally accompanied by a consequent drop in attention towards branding issues. The danger is that of flattening activities aimed at nourishing the brand in the longer term. And all this could turn out to be a boomerang, with the risk of impoverishing the value of the brand in the long term. There is a clear example that can be given.


“Emotional branding” is in second place in Europe in the ranking of the main themes for 2024. And 82% of those interviewed support it. In Italy this topic is not even among the top 5. At the top of the priorities that the CMOs give themselves for next year there is a whole set of very technical factors, very functional for improving results such as, for example, data based marketing or pricing work. This can be read in two ways: either we feel in some way that we are a step behind our European colleagues or instead there is a need to invest in these areas, which herald real improvements in terms of efficiency.

However, the data is also fundamental to help marketing decision makers. It’s welcome, right?

Absolutely. Yet few decisions are made in data driven mode. The feeling is that we need to recover. Artificial intelligence will accelerate these dynamics, but will make these gaps even more evident. It will make us even more faced with the potential weaknesses resulting from the promises of efficiency of an artificial intelligence called upon to turn the company’s productivity around.

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