Blockade of Funds in the South, De Luca denounces Minister Fitto

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The Campania Region today presented a complaint against Minister Raffaele Fitto in relation to the blocking by the Ministry of Cohesion of the Development and Cohesion Funds (FSC), intended for the South. The complaint was presented in the administrative justice system, accounting and criminal.

In recent days the president of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, had announced that he wanted to appeal to justice: «There are thirty days from the warning to the defaulting institution – he said – in order to then proceed before the administrative courts. Our warning started on December 20th, January 20th is Saturday, so on the 22nd we file the complaint with the TAR, then with the Court of Auditors for the hundreds of millions they lose with this delay and finally with the criminal judiciary to identify any crimes” . He also added: «I took the opportunity to renew the invitation to Minister Fitto for a public discussion».

De Luca: “Government enemy of the South, Rent is a national calamity”

De Luca has been asking the government for the assignment of the FSC for some time without receiving a response. But the minister for the South, Fitto, which has the objective of achieving a strong centralization of Cohesion policycreated with national funds but also with European structural funds.

Mayor Manfredi: dialogue must be re-established

The mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, also spoke on the topic during the day. «I hope that after this phase of tension a dialogue will be re-established between the Region and the national Government and a synthesis will be quickly found to allow local authorities and municipalities, which are the main beneficiaries of these funds, to be able to act and operate. I believe that unlocking these resources is fundamental.”

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