Before La Scala, Don Carlo took in almost 2.6 million

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It’s not just the 13 minutes of applause for the protagonists of Don Carlo that confirm the success of the La Scala premiere staged last night in Milan. The Theater released the numbers for December 7th today and they are numbers that photograph the return to pre-pandemic glories, with almost 2.6 million takings, 80 thousand more than in 2022, a figure on the levels of historical highs.

Not only that: if the audience and boxes at the Piermarini were sold out (and they will be for all seven performances of Don Carlo, until January 2), there were also numerous viewers at home, with 1.4 million people tuned in to Rai1 (8.4% of the share), numbers down compared to last year’s Boris Godunov and far from the record of 2.8 million for Tosca. Added to this are 9.8 million contacts, almost ten million people who intercepted the broadcast of the work. The program «Waiting for Don Carlo» with Bruno Vespa and Milly Carlucci, on Rai1 from 5.45 pm, reached 1.813 million viewers (17.2% share).

Meyer’s comment

«I want to thank Rai Cultura who broadcast the show on Rai1 for the first time in 4k, guaranteeing Italian and world-wide viewers an unprecedented level of quality – commented Superintendent Dominique Meyer -. The Premiere is the moment in which the collective work of the entire Theater is felt more than ever and I would like to extend my thanks, as well as to the Orchestra and Chorus, to all the departments of the La Scala machine, from the stage to the laboratories and offices ».

The Prima was also followed by more than 130 accredited journalists from 11 countries and was reported on social media (Instagram/X/Facebook/Tiktok) with the hashtag #PrimaScala, showing not only images of the show and of the evening from the foyers but also everything that happens behind the scenes.

An increasingly social scale

On Tiktok, followers were able to exclusively watch a 1 hour and 20 minute live broadcast that showed them backstage, with interviews with the workers and all those who contributed to the show (from the choristers to the stage manager, from the chief stagehand to the tailors and make-up artists), and were able to see the choir singing the national anthem from backstage before going on stage. Here are the numbers: 30,700 views, 28,300 distinct viewers, peak viewers 1,900, 17,900 likes. In the last week the profile gained 12,160 more followers than before.

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