Basilicata expects even more arrivals after the record 2023

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I like Basilicata. For his offer and his welcome. The proof comes from bookings for Easter but also from the interest in the long weekend of April 25th. A springboard for Lucanian tourism: from Matera, to Potenza, to the two coasts, to internal itineraries between museums, castles and uncontaminated landscapes.

An evident interest in the data on the regional tourism trend for 2023 provided by the Basilicata Territorial Promotion Agency (Apt): +20.72% in arrivals and +14.36% in presences compared to 2022. «A result that gives rise to hope for 2024 with the confirmation and the slight improvement already starting from the January numbers compared to last year. There have been many bookings – says the director of the Apt, Antonio Nicoletti – we are confident in a consolidation of the numbers for 2023, in particular with the confirmation of trends that we consider interesting such as the incidence of flows from abroad and a better distribution of arrivals and presences in those internal areas with a mature offer in line with travellers’ preferences”.

In 2023, interest in the two Lucanian capitals grew: Matera with an increase of 22.9% in arrivals and 16.6% in presences, reaching pre-covid values ​​and Potenza with +22.8% in arrivals and + 19.3% attendance. The Ionian coast recorded +15.6% arrivals and +11.8% attendance, Maratea +1.2% attendance and -1.5% arrivals (788 in absolute value) due to accessibility problems on the south side and partly from the closure of one of its largest and most iconic accommodation facilities. Although, underlined Biagio Salerno, president of the Maratea tourist consortium, «the opening of the Salerno-Amalfi Coast airport, for the Gulf of Policastro, the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the southern area of ​​Basilicata offers the opportunity to intersect with international tourist flows, overcoming the connection gap and long times to reach destinations, and the possibility, for operators and the region, to invest in the connection with the airport, as was done for Matera, also strengthening the low season ».

Returning to the data, the internal areas also performed well: the Vulture-Alto Bradano +22.0% in arrivals and +15.1% in presences, the Matera mountains +259.2% in arrivals and +205.3% in presences, the Marmo Platano-Melandro +27.8% in arrivals and +10.4% in attendance, the Bradanica area +58.2% in arrivals and +77.7% in attendance, the Alto Basento +37.3% of arrivals and +28.7% of presences, Val d’Agri +13.2% of arrivals and +29.6% of presences, Pollino +32.5% of arrivals and +31.3% of presences, a value which, extended to Lagonegrese-Pollino, becomes +12.9% of arrivals and +8.5% of presences. The number of accommodation facilities is increasing, 1,642 for 44,487 beds (+8.2% and +2.8% compared to 2022).

«The sector has finally overcome the crisis – concludes Nicoletti – even if, in terms of flows, 4.7% of arrivals and 7.2% of presences remain to be recovered, a negligible figure in absolute value, while there is a increase in foreign tourists, compared to 2022, of 43.6% in terms of arrivals, and of 34.4% in terms of presences”. The Apt focuses on “Passion tourism”. With exceptional Lucanian testimonials in various fields: from cinema to archaeology, from music to artistic craftsmanship, and then cycle tourism, sport, astro-tourism and astro-archaeology, botany and flowers.

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